Watch Video Exposing The Murder Of Children By Pence & Others

My Fellow Americans; Rarely do I get as upset by anything as only this kind of evil can do.

Here is a video by Tory Smith himself (I thought “Tory” was a she, until I saw this), one of his last videos.

Wow,… another brave Patriot, and decent human being put to death because of what he was trying to expose.

This is a rabbit hole I almost wish I had not gone down, but the truth MUST be learned so that people who have died trying to get this to stop, have not been murdered in vain.

It’s only a 6 minute video,… but one of the most horrifying and disturbing 6 minutes I have ever listened to.

WARNING: You MUST have strength to hear this, and not cry for the sickness Tory Smith was trying to stop.

JD – God Give Me The Strength To Endure Learning These Truths, And Grant Me A Way To Kill Them!

Bullet Proof – by Sherry Shriner

Was Tory Smith murdered for exposing then Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his wife Karen for their involvement in child trafficking, rape and murder?
On June 2nd, 2016 Tory uploaded a video titled “Mike Pence has raped 186 children.” He was then struck down with poison and for several weeks no one heard from him.
On July 13 he uploaded his last video, “Will this be my last video.” He died on July 20th, 2016. Tory Smith did what no one has ever done, he pulled back the veil of child trafficking naming names, agencies, politicians, military officials, bases, Milabs, everything and everyone he knew to be involved in child trafficking.
The White House, Congress, Pentagon, Military, Air Force, SOCOM, AFRICOM, NORTHCOM, FBI, CIA, NSA, DARPA, Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, Pence’s… .
Was he killed because he was revealing to much or was it because then Indiana Governor Mike Pence had his eyes on being tapped to become the Vice President of the United States? As a resident of Indiana, he spent a lot of time exposing the corruption there.
Thank you for service Tory Smith. Your work has not been forgotten! I’ve been on the black list since 2004…make this info viral! My new book is out! Interview With The Devil –…
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