Experimental Pfizer COVID-19 Jab Expected to Gain Full FDA Approval Monday

We all knew this day was imminent.

On Friday, the announcement came that one of the experimental COVID-19 jabs would gain full approval by the FDA.

The Pfizer mRNA shot is the chosen one for the FDA stamp of approval.

From a legal standpoint, this is going to embolden more experimental COVID-19 vaccine mandates across the board.

In the public and private sectors.

And make no mistake, I will still refer to this as an experimental shot.

Just because the corrupt FDA gives them full approval, that doesn’t change the fact they haven’t gone through normal safety trials.

We’re still witnessing the aftermath of the real safety trials in the hundreds of millions who lined up for the experimental jabs this year.

Full FDA approval doesn’t change that.

But fighting against them now will be more difficult for many people who choose not to be a Big Pharma lab rat.

Many Americans will get forced from their jobs or banned from in-person educational institutes without receiving the experimental COVID-19 jab.

That’s why more people need to join the resistance against these tyrannical vaccine mandates.

Because this won’t go away until enough people say no.

Here’s the latest:

The approval could boost the vaccination campaign by convincing more unvaccinated Americans that Pfizer’s shot is safe and effective and also make local officials more comfortable in implementing vaccine mandates.

The U.S. military is expected to require that service members get vaccinated soon after Pfizer’s shot is authorized and other major U.S. employers could follow suit.

Vaccine hesitancy has been a major hurdle to the White House’s goal of getting all eligible Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Only around 60% of adults aged 18 and over have been fully vaccinated even as the new Delta variant of COVID-19 has contributed to a surge in cases.

Full approval of Pfizer’s shot would also make it easier for physicians to prescribe a third booster shot to people who could benefit from an additional dose.

The FDA has authorized Pfizer’s shot as a booster for people with weakened immune systems, but the White House plans to offer them much more widely in the coming months.

The White House earlier this week said it plans to give out 100 million booster shots, many supplied by Pfizer, to at-risk Americans, including anyone whose initial inoculation is more than 8 months old, starting in September.

Some experts, including at the World Health Organization say there is not yet enough data be certain boosters are needed.