Everything You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant

Matt Vespa, I know Katie and Rebecca have said it already, but everyone needs to take a chill pill about the new COVID variant, which is the very politically correct omicron strain…because Xi would be too offensive.

No, seriously, the “experts” skipped that portion of the Greek alphabet to avoid ticking off the Chinese. It would seem this is the most pressing issue about the new variant because it’s not deadlier. It might be more contagious, but there’s really nothing to worry about.

If anything, more contagious and less-lethal is what you want. How bad are the symptoms? No one has been hospitalized. No one. Everyone who has been infected with this strain has been able to recover from home. The symptoms are mild, and the South African doctor who discovered this strain even said that people shouldn’t freak out.

This portion about the symptoms being super mild was pointed out by Fox News’s Brit Hume. Is there a cause for concern? Maybe—I’ll leave that up to you. The timing is suspect, as they say, it’s more transmissible among kids—just as the Biden administration is trying to jab all the kiddies. The coincidences here—you simply cannot make them up. There were no variants until the vaccines were rolled out as well (via Twitchy):

The point here is that there’s no need to stock up on toilet paper, wrap yourself in plastic, and overall go insane. Keep living your life. If you want the shot or the booster, go for it. If you don’t, then live your life. In both cases, just live your lives, folks. Enough of this.

OMICRON: A Perfectly Timed Variant to Scare the Unruly Back into Submission