EU-Vaccination Ordered by the employer? Here’s how to solve everything regularly

I understand many people who are worried about their jobs or their children. Without a long breakdown, I will give instructions on how you can have everything confirmed on paper and no one can subsequently terrorize you or your children.

I met a good friend who advised me how I could protect myself from a possible order for mandatory vaccination. Even if no one will force me, I already know, I listened to him so that I could present the instructions to you. It is simple and easy to implement.

If you have illegally and illegally received a written or oral order for vaccination, proceed as follows.

Visit a lawyer with whom you will agree on the procedure at the doctor. You are his client and therefore he will represent you at the doctor. You should not subsequently interfere much in the communication between the drug-agent and your lawyer.

The lawyer should prepare the questions in advance and draw up a sheet that the doctor should sign for you. The doctor should require:

1. authorization of the vaccine in the EU or in your country approved by the Ministry of Health.

2. its authorization and authorization for vaccination. Record his name and address of the surgery on the prepared paper. Preferably also an identity card.

3. request a leaflet with adverse reactions of the vaccine administered (which is not a vaccine)

4. approval protocol of the applied product from the ministry of health or the institute for drug control.

5. have it signed that he assumes responsibility for the application of the vaccine on your being for the consequential injury to health or damage caused.

After reading it, it is clear to all of you that none of the doctors put their heads in a noose. Have everything logged by a lawyer. Subsequently, the lawyer should call the police, who are obliged to come at the request of the lawyer. He should report to the police that he suspects the crime of bodily harm or endangerment of life by unauthorised substances. The police MUST come. You will write a new protocol with the participation of the police and you can file a criminal complaint against the doctor, at your discretion, for handling unauthorized substances on human beings for introducing the Nuremberg Code.

The friend who described the whole plot to me laughed. The doctor canceled all vaccination appointments. He knew, or realized, what unsolvable problems he was getting into.

With the protocol, you go to your employer, without or with a lawyer, and he will explain to him the discrimination against human beings, for which there are high penalties.

An acquaintance laughed at how frightened his employer acted after presenting all the documents.

Please do the same when requesting vaccination of your children as a legitimate representative of minor children.

I described the interview to you as I remembered it. Right here in Switzerland, everyone is now defending themselves in this perfect way from the murderous “VACCINATION DEADLINES”

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