Elon Musk: Tested for COVID “Two Came Back Negative, Two Came Back Positive”

Most of us aren’t wealthy enough to take 4 COVID-19 tests “just because,” but billionaire Elon Musk does have that kind of money. His little experiment turned up some disturbing results.

Musk continued on talking to people about this in the comments section of his tweets.

This one was particularly interesting.

There are a lot of things about COVID-19 that we simply don’t know and a lot of others that don’t make sense. It doesn’t help that the mainstream media refuses to challenge whatever the conventional wisdom of the moment happens to be about the virus because it might upset people on the Left. That puts us in a position where so many of the basic questions about COVID-19 aren’t being intelligently addressed.

For example, if masks work, why is it that mask mandates don’t appear to have stemmed the tide of infections in many (maybe all) states where they were put in place? How many people are getting infected from touching things with COVID-19 on them? Why is corona considerably more dangerous to some apparently healthy people than others? Are deaths that should be attributed to other diseases being counted as COVID-19 deaths? Heck, do the tests even work? Elon Musk’s experience seems to indicate that they don’t. Most people are probably focusing on the false-positive part of that, but I had something that I thought was COVID-19 earlier this year. I was tested AND got an antibody test. Both came up negative. Were those tests right? Elon Musk’s experience makes me think that it’s entirely possible that they weren’t.

This is where we are with COVID-19. Nobody, including the well-meaning scientists who have spent their whole lives studying infectious diseases, seems to have any more than educated guesses to offer at this point. That’s why what Elon Musk tweeted was more important than most people realize. Since nobody has all the answers, we all need to be asking more intelligent questions to try to find the best way forward instead of pretending that we already have it all worked out and know exactly what to do.

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