Election Official Says ‘We Are Going To Find That People Did Illegally Vote’

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Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling provided an update on the election in the state, telling reporters that officials “are going to find that people did illegally vote,” despite earlier dismissing the narrative of widespread voter fraud across the state.

While Sterling, the statewide voting system implementation manager, said he does not appreciate attempts to undermine the system that was put together by the secretary’s office and county elections directors, he explained they will find instances of voter fraud as they move forward.

“The facts are the facts, regardless of outcomes,” he said.

“And that’s one of the things we’re focusing on here is getting our count accurate and right, getting accurate information so at the end of the day, everybody — regardless of whose side won and whose side lost — understands that in Georgia, we had an actual accurate outcome,” he continued.

He told reporters, though he added that it is “unlikely” that those instances of fraud will match the margin of Joe Biden’s lead in the Peach State:

Now. Let me be perfectly clear on another point. We are going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen. There are going to be double voters. There are going to be people who shouldn’t — did not have the qualifications of a registered voter to vote in this state. That will be found.

“Is it 10,353? Unlikely. But every election, as I’ve said I think every day at this podium, is imperfect. The issue now is … when the margins are this tight, every little thing matters,” he continued. “So this office will thoroughly investigate.”

Meanwhile, GA Governor Brian Kemp tweeted a photo of himself captioned, “Georgia’s election result will include legally cast ballots – and ONLY legally cast ballots. Period.”

Sterling expressed confidence that the system counted the votes properly, largely dismissing the narratives of widespread fraud. He stated that the audit will prove the accurate tabulation and a recount will reaffirm.

“But on the front end, we need to make sure that the absentee ballot process is tight as it can be so we can stop illegal voting and stop double voting now and in the future,” he added:

There are 112 Georgia counties that have yet to certify their election results. This fight is FAR from over!

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