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Diana West, 

The propagandists in media appear to be pivoting from “no evidence” of fraud to “no widespread evidence” of fraud. This in itself is not “news,” of course, but it provides a small taste of the slime on the  propagandists’ dirty fingers as they attempt to tamp down the mounting evidence of not just fraud, but widespread fraud, systemic fraud and also treasonous fraud that has turned voting tabulations in the Trump-contested states which hold the key to the 2020 election into total garbage.

On with Maria Bartiromo today (Nov. 8), Rudy Giuliani declared that in addition to that first election lawsuit already filed in Pennsylvania on Election Day, Trump legal teams are drafting two new lawsuits for immediate filing. By the end of this week, he said, there would probably be four or five suits in development — but the “potential is ten lawsuits.”

Ten? Other states besides the Notorious Swing State Six/Seven? Not sure, but this is great news. Our army is moving forward.

Giuliani said:

There is strong evidence that this was an election that in at least three or four states, and possibly ten, it was stolen. In other words, it was based on false votes. Now, you can’t let that election go into history without challenging it.

He went on to point out historical precedent in the contested 2000 election in which Al Gore, loudly cheered by the media, went to court for nearly two months before ultimately conceding.

Batiromo asked about whether the Trump campaign had been “flatfooted,” knowing full well as we all did the pitfalls and weakness of the mail-in balloting and predicted election chaos. Giuliani demurred, explaining the campaign was ready on Election Day. “We had about eight thousand people out there and they started registering these complaints at about 8 o’clock in the morning (on Nov 3), and the legal team here took action immeidately. All during Election Day there were actions in court so we could preserve this. It takes a while to collect two thousand affidavits — of which we have about half now.

Wow. About one thousand affidavits already? Take that, “no widespread evidence.”

Rudy went on to report that in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh alone, there are already identified 450,000 questionable ballots which Republicans were, in contravention of the law, not permitted to observe. Rudy used the phrase “star chamber” to describe the secret machinations of the Democrats in creating their election outcome, which by an overwhelming number of accounts already sounds correct.

“This was a nationwide plan to catch up by the Democrats,” Giuliani explained, reminded viewers that  President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania by 700,000 when vote-counting suspiciously “stopped.”

But there’s so much more that Giuliani said had to be investigated: back-dating ballots which came in after legal Election Day deadlines; dead people voting; Trump votes that were not counted.

Giuliani is convinced there is sufficient proof of fraud to overturn outcomes in Pennsylvania and Michigan. There are “pretty big numbers in Wisconsin,” he said, and elsewhere.


1130 WISN reports Wisconsin Clerks May Have Unlawfully Altered Thousands of Absentee Ballots — and counted them. 

The Republican Party of Wisconsin estimates that thousands of witness addresses may have been changed, thus invalidating the ballots on which they appeared. The statutory remedy for this is to subtract a commensurate number of votes for the candidates for whom those ballots were cast, meaning that vote totals may substantially change.

President Trump’s campaign is investigating the scale to which clerks and election workers were altering ballots as well as several other incidents that it has termed “irregularities.” President Trump has also publicly called for a recount of Wisconsin’s vote.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the state by roughly 20,000 votes, a margin of less than one percent.

Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes.

Still more accounts of fraud coming out of the TCF Center in Detroit. 

Breitbart News reports an affidavit relating an eyewitness account of particularly outlandish voter fraud committed by “computer operators at several counting boards manually adding the names and addresses” of thousands of ballots, none of whose names appeared either in the pre-November 1 electronic poll book (QVF) or the CVF’s so-called Supplemental Sheets, which include the names of  voters who registerd on Nov. 2 and Nov/ 3.

All of these allegedly “thousands” of voters shared the same birthday: January 1, 1900!

Speaking of dead people voting, Rudy Giuliani reports from Philadelphia:


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