Election Model Shows 91% Chance Trump Will Be Victorious with 362 Electoral Votes!

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Helmut Norpoth from Stony Brook University released his final predictions for the 2020 election.

Norpoth correctly predicted President Trump’s historic win in 2016.

And Helmut Norputh predicts President Trump will win with 362 electoral votes.

Speaking About News

MAGA Rallies Popping Up Nationwide, Including in the Deep Blue Northeast.

Regardless of what the media is saying about President Donald Trump, the trump train will not be stopped!

Across the nation, MAGA rallies are continuously popping up in greater numbers.

Even the deep northeastern portion of the US is showing support.

This includes Massachusettes, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Hannity.com pointed out the wave of Trump support sweeping the northeast:

Pro-Trump rallies erupted in the deep-blue Northeast over the weekend and into Monday; with users posting videos on social media from places that haven’t seen widespread conservative support in decades.

There’s so many Trump supporting Jews in New York City that they just managed to shut down the Brooklyn bridge with the convoy. (via @baruchb11pic.twitter.com/P7OE35lzse

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter and shared a video about the unstoppable MAGA movement!

President Trump has boundless energy in the final days leading up to the election.

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We need a leader filled with such jubilance and positivity for 4 more years!

Five rallies yesterday, five rallies today: President Trump is historic, beloved, hard working, and he always puts America First. Biden has accomplished nothing for the country in 47 years feeding at the public trough–a 47 year long denizen of the Swamp. #MAGA #AmericaFirst https://t.co/8O7qAtymat

Meanwhile, in Florida, the Trump rally there lasted well past curfew until 1:00 in the morning according to Fox News:

President Donald Trump held a late-night rally in Florida on Sunday night, which appeared to last until about 1 a.m., despite a midnight curfew in place for the area.

Thousands of his supporters descended upon Miami-Opa locka Executive airport, located about 14 miles north of downtown Miami, in support of the president who ended a busy day of campaigning by making a final pitch to Florida voters.

“We’re going to have an even bigger victory. Get out there and vote,” Trump told the crowd. “We’re going to have a bigger victory. And I don’t know if you found out you’ve been here a long time. I hope the music was good. I hope life was good. Everything was good. That’s a good looking crowd. Good looking people, I will say.”

The packed “Make America Great Again Victory Rally” took place in Miami-Dade County, which has been described as the coronavirus epicenter in the state. Some wore masks, while others disregarded the face coverings.

In his speech, Trump criticized Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, lockdowns, and insisted the pandemic was “rounding” the turn.

“While foreign nations are in a freefall, we are creating an economic powerhouse unrivaled anywhere in the world,” Trump said.

It’s time for America to get back to being America.

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Don’t believe the media.

Believe your own eyes.