Election Integrity Caucus Forms At Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

One of the biggest pieces of news to come from the cyber symposium event held by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was the formation of an election integrity caucus that will include state legislators from around the United States.

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers announced her participation in the caucus as one of the founding members on Twitter.

“I am one of the founding members of the newly formed Election Integrity Caucus that consists of legislators from all 50 states. Reminds me of the Continental Congress. We will meet regularly and we will talk regularly to implement the securing our elections. #AuditAll50States,” she said.

The other major news was Lindell’s claim that he was viciously attacked at his hotel near the event.

Lindell said that two men approached him to take a photo with him and that after the photo was taken with one a third man came “came up out of nowhere” to = ask for a photo, he said to the conservative talk show “Flashpoint,” Yahoo News reported.

“He put his arm around,” he said, making a gesture to his side and indicating that something had been stuck there. “It was so much pressure, I just knew if I did anything, there was something more coming. And he jammed it in where it was just piercing pain.”

He said he was doubled over in pain but still got back to his hotel room. The CEO said he thought if he fought back it would have been caught on surveillance cameras.

“I think it was a setup,” he said.

He explained to attendees at his cyber symposium in South Dakota on Thursday that he was attacked.

He made the announcement of his alleged attack at his event in Sioux Falls on Thursday, though he said that the attack occurred on Wednesday, The Argus Leader reported.

“I’m OK. It hurts a little bit,” he said. “I just want everyone to know all the evil that’s out there.”