Dump for Biden Timing of Mother-Daughter Duo’s Election Fraud Scam

Jenna Ellis from the Trump team and Eric Trump both tweeted out charts showing the timing of a large data dump for Joe Biden is the same time the mother – daughter duo in Atlanta began messing with ballots in secret.

Georgia ballot counter

mother – daughter duo are:

Ruby Freeman with daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss (Above photo)

Jenna Ellis tweeted the following:

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Her tweet shows an entry recorded with 225,000 votes for Biden with less than 100,000 for President Trump.  This is when a major portion of the steal took place in Georgia – which is about the same time that the mother daughter team of Trump haters kicked all Republicans out of the ballot counting room in Atlanta and started tabulating votes on their own after grabbing ballots out from underneath the table.

The chart in the tweet shows what happened when Ruby and her daughter were alone with Presidential ballots in Georgia.

Speaking About News

And here above is a closeup of the woman in question via a Getty image.
Her official name is “Wandrea Moss.” Ruby Freeman’s Daughter 

Below Mother and Daughter Together.

Speaking About News

Now there is video of Ruby Freeman filming herself entering the building to count Georgia ballots.

Ruby walks by several boxes of ballots just sitting around in the room.

The elections workers were each given their own secret cube.

Then Ruby goes to her desk and pulls out a tray of ballots on her desk.
There is NO supervisor or GOP observer anywhere in sight.


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