Drugs and Vaccines Kill – Toxins Do Not Heal!

Vaccines Watch The Truth (Video Below With Jesse Ventura and Dr Rima)

DR. RIMA, Racism, Reaction and Rights Why is it politically correct to say “black lives matter” And politically incorrect to say “all lives matter”?

Note the absurdity of “political correctness” speech and thought control: Foundation Counsel Ralph tells me I can expect to be savagely attacked for not following the script as to whose lives matter. I am used to being attacked but I am also used to being proven right although it may take a while.

I do not need slogans to tell me whose lives matter. My human being ‘s heart tells me whose lives matter. My oath as a doctor tells me whose lives matter. Hashtags do not.

All lives matter.
Thoughts and prayers for peace are cool if you think and if you pray.
But Justice is a necessity, not a nicety if, indeed, ALL lives really matter.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Watch Jesse Ventura and Dr Rima Video From 2009 Pre-Plandemic

5 Big Lies” that you should know about!

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