Dr Richard Fleming reveals strategy to prosecute covid plandemic perpetrators

 CRIMES Against Humanity, MEDICAL MEDIUM: Chemtrails are the deliberate release of toxic chemical waste into the atmosphere (Dr Richard Fleming is Below)

Anthony William, in his latest book Medical Medium Brain Saver: Answers to Brain Inflammation, Mental Health, OCD, Brain Fog, Neurological Symptoms, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Heavy Metals, Epstein-Barr Virus, devotes a chapter to Chem Trails and Rainfall. The Medical Medium claims he provides infallible information.

Anthony William/Medical Medium wrote:
“Chem trails are composed of every toxin possible that the chemical industry creates. This includes toxic heavy metals such as mercury and copper. It also includes old, outdated, antiquated chemical storage bins that have been backlogged in storage for decades — chemical waste that has sat in tanks for 50, 50, 70 or even 80 or 100 years. Its a combination of chemicals, both old and new, being placed in planes and dumped out of the sky.”

Brain Saver by Anthony William, pg 230 (Chem Trails and Rainfall Exposure) wrote:

” Project Chem Trails started in the 1960s as only a very small number of planes and only in small parts of the world.. Now it has flourished into endless numbers of planes on rogue flight patterns all over the globe.

Today, there are planes that fly over every city, town and village in the world that are not planes filled with passengers, …. These planes are hollowed out, with large plastic tanks installed, tanks that can be filled with toxic chemicals. … And there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of the planes flying all around the globe releasing what’s called a chem trail day in and day out.

When the weather is nice around holidays such as Easter and the Fourth of July when a lot of people will be outdoors, chem trails are usually increased substantially on purpose, to the point where the sky loses its blue color and the streaks in the sky spread out. It can look like a constant mild cloud cover along with streaks you see in every direction.

When you look up in the sky on Easter Sunday, Memorial day, or any given weekend and you can count 5, 10, 20 or ever 100 chem trails crisscrossing each other in all directions.”

Medical Medium Brain Saver, p.g 235 wrote:

“No one is allowed to know chem trails are there or believe they’re there. This is why everyone who’s a public authority ignores chem trails and chem trail planes. This is why militaries and governments ignore chem trails and chem trail planes. This is why the air traffic control towers ignore chem trails and chem trail planes. This is why school institutions don’t teach children about chem trails and chem trail planes. This is why universities and university professors don’t utter a word about chem trails and chem trail planes. We just go about our lives.

You could be the most powerful public figure in the world having a cookout in your backyard, you could look up at the sky watching the chem trains, and you can’t say a word because the people behind it are above all. They are above even the most powerful public figures and above the people who run every country in the world. Most public figures aren’t even aware of chem trails. If they inquire, they’re told they’re just seeing contrails – normal exhaust coming out of a normal plane.”

The implications are staggering, especially since these wastes are being directed at large populations out in the open. These toxins are brought down by rain and enter the soil ( meaning these chemical toxins must be on or in our foods, organically grown or not.)

Dr. Judy Mikovitz in her recent books speculated that the COVID release/hysteria was deliberate and meant to obscure the real cause of much chronic illness: viruses in vaccinations, and to reduce the massive liability that governments have from knowing, but not warning us about the dangerous viruses being carried in vaccinations.

This truth about Chemtrails ups the ante.

People are going to (have already) drop dead, in large numbers, vaccinated or not. All the while Big Pharma cleans up making massive amounts of money on those becoming ill.

Watch: Dr Richard Fleming reveals strategy to prosecute covid plandemic perpetrators for CRIMES against humanity!

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