Dr. Oz – the new Fauci?

On Oct 09, 2012, I was contacted by two producers of the Dr. Oz show and then scheduled to do the show shortly after. They asked for a digital copy of my book, “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning,” which was the most complete work on body types in existence. They said they had been watching my content on YouTube and really enjoyed it.

After spending 30 hours of preparing and organizing all the research I had on body types, I then designed the material to formulate a script.

The Tuesday before the week of the show, I was told via email that they were going in a different direction, and I was no longer needed. A month later, a patient of mine told me to look at this link she found on the internet. It was Dr. Emmett Oz’s solution for body types – interesting!

Dr. Oz show apparently ran the show, but with another doctor and someone who claimed to research body types for 10 years, however nowhere on his site can you find anything on body types. They proceeded to use a good portion of the script I sent over, some almost word for word.

But unfortunately for the consumer, the solutions that were recommended by Dr. Oz for body types (low glycemic foods, fiber, etc,), were NOT based on what I found that works, instead I believe they were just random.

The consumer has no idea what is going on behind these TV shows and what is a true solution based on credible things that have been proven, or solutions that come from thin air and are ‘made-up’. This completely shifted my viewpoint on the credibility of the Dr. Oz show.

I am not even saying Dr. Oz had anything do with it or even knew about it. I think a lot of the information on the show is being directed by people behind the scenes that have nothing to do with what Dr. Oz actually discovered or what he uses in practice.

To really have solutions that work and get results, you have to be in practice and work with people day in and day out. Dr. Oz is a surgeon and on TV full time – so when does he have time to test these theories on actual patients?

Watch: Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 72 – Dec 09 2021