Dr. David Martin: Let’s call a spade a spade – it’s a biological weapon

Dr. David Martin speaks on the Darwinian chemical systems  a campaign of terror and premeditated murder.


15 USC §8 – Market manipulation and allocation. Does anyone remember April 2020 when Anthony Fauci sat in the President’s Oval Office and talked about Moderna being the mysterious savior of the world, despite the fact that Moderna has never produced a safe commercial product in its entire history? Does anyone remember that?

What you won’t remember is that when Moderna was founded in 2010, it was the tenth anniversary of the funding that founded Moderna, and you don’t know what the funds were that founded Moderna, because nobody talks about it. Because the funding that founded Moderna was a grant from the National Science Foundation that was called — and now I’m willing to deliver the bad news to you: “Darwinian chemical systems.” From this came Moderna!

Let’s go back and embark on a small journey through a time machine 22 years into the past. Let’s go into the grant application and ask ourselves: Darwinian chemical systems? “Hey Dave, why would anyone want to invent Darwinian chemical systems?” So let’s read it, okay?

When we open the grant and read it, it says: ‘In the case after extinction…’ – do you feel comfortable? Are you all comfortable with post-extinction events?

“In the post-extinction case, we want to see if we can get mRNA to write to the DNA code to restart human evolution.” That’s the ten-year grant that founded Moderna!

So any fact-checker at Politifact and Reuters and USA Today and any fact-checker anywhere in the world overlooks a very uncomfortable reality. The uncomfortable reality is that Darwinian chemical systems were supposed to use RNA to write into the DNA of life!

And now you’ve been told, ‘Oh no, no, no, Dave, that can’t happen! The thing we prick into people doesn’t write into the DNA of life. Except that a twenty-year record of financing the company that actually does it proved that it happened.

Does anyone feel uneasy with a biological weapon that is known to record the extinction event of life in life? So I’m not sick of it!

And I think if we actually went to every place where a ‘vaccine’ is applied and put up [a sign that says] ‘This isn’t really a vaccine, it’s a biological weapon’, and added, ‘By the way, it’s a biological weapon created to rewrite the human genome after extinction,’ I think a few people would actually stop for a moment and say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought I was doing my patriotic duty to get the flu vaccine!”

You don’t fulfill! In fact, you are getting a biological weapon created for humanity after its demise!

I’m only interested in the non-extinction of humanity! I can’t say “Amen” because I’m not a preacher, but I think it’s time for “Amen” and this would be one of them! We are not in conversations (about humanity) after extinction. We are before “forget about extinction”. Here we are today.

And let’s do the last one: 15 USC §19 – interconnected directorates. This is the one that says you are not allowed to get companies that actually have competing interests to come together and set prices. These are underclassic machinations. It’s all those ugly things and guess what we have? We have Pfizer and Moderna and Anthony Fauci, all of these, and financial interests in them.

We have Justin Trudeau! ‘Oh, Dave, aren’t you going to be mean to a Canadian? … Well, yes, I’m going to be mean to the Canadian, because here we have it: Justin Trudeau didn’t tell any Canadian that the Canadian government gets a bribe for every injection of Pfizer and Moderna, because the pharmaceutical companies Acuitas and Arbutus,both from British Columbia, are the ones that invented the lipid nanoparticle that’s licensed to inject the pathogen into all of them.

Canada makes a profit with every injection. Which may explain why Justin Trudeau ordered ten times more “vaccine” than there are Canadians – including moose. Why would we need ten times more doses than the sum of the population of all of Canada, plus lottery tickets?

Well, it turns out to be a backshoe machination, because if I get a commission for every dollar I spend, guess what’s going on with me? I get a lot of money in my pocket from all over the world, which is exactly what happened…

21 CFR §50.24 – Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot give (informed) consent if you are forced to do so. Did you hear what I said? You can’t give consent if you’re forced… You can’t do it because it’s ILLEGAL. So even if you tried, you would be breaking the law.


And it’s illegal to force any form of consent, because the last time I checked it, ‘consent under duress’ is ‘rape’. If we called it what it is. If we were to say that United Airlines is an airline pro-rape. If we were to say that Costco, Walmart or Amazon are “rape-friendly societies”, do you know how many minutes people would support them?

That is why I told you to stop using the term “vaccine”. It’s a biological weapon, call it by its proper name. And the act of injecting something into a human being without their consent is a violation of bodily integrity and rape. Call it by its proper name!


… it is important to recognize that if we are to defend ourselves in any position, whether it be in the courtroom, in the city council, or in the school board, we must be right, we must be precise, and we must list the laws that have been violated.

Appendix I (U.S. Constitution) – “Congress may not legislate establishing a religion…” ….

(By the law by which they want to mandate mandatory “vaccinations”, they want to introduce) a law that actually establishes religion. And here is the religion they believe in: the Fauci Doctrine.

The Fauci doctrine is very simple: ‘You are asymptomatic carriers. You are a disease. There is only one savior, and that is the NIAID-funded vaccine. You didn’t vaccinate enough when we had the flu, so we’re going to create the illusion of a pathogen. We will create a domestic campaign of terror so that you can rest in the loving arms of this beautiful vaccine.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no mandate, because there will be no mandate. They play on your fears. They don’t play the law because they know the law and they know they violate the Supreme Court ruling and the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights…


Stop reciting their doctrine of covid and coronavirus. Stop reciting their doctrine on vaccines. Start using the language: “campaign of terror”, “biological weapon”. Start using those terms and then really show them – you’re ready for it – something small like the Bill of Rights.

Now Appendix V. – … you think the Fifth Amendment is “I don’t have to testify against myself,” but the Fifth Amendment is a little bit more about something. Can we look at that phrase below that we never talk about?

“Nor may private property be expropriated without fair compensation.”

“How many of you small business owners have received proper compensation for closing your business? Is there anyone like that? How many doctors have received proper compensation for income forage?

How many people have been denimed as I and many other speakers who will come today and tomorrow? How many of us have received proper compensation for the seizure of our assets in the form of our means of communication, our networks, our social networks and everything else? The way we communicate? How many of us have received proper compensation for this?

Not only have we not received proper compensation, ladies and gentlemen, we have been deprived of our freedoms and we have been deprived of the rights granted under this document, and it is absolutely essential that we see that they know that they are doing this. They have changed their own definitions of words such as ‘vaccine’ and ‘public health’ and ’emergency’ to suit their terrorist acts.

Appendix VI – Due process! Does anyone think we’ve had any due process over the last 22 months?

Listen, I am showing you these things, people, because you were not taught in history classes in school and they did not teach you so that you would become a victim of this crime committed!”



“A biological weapon was created on an infectious (coronavirus clone) with defective replication, with a focus on the human lung epithelium in 1999 by Anthony Fauci. In 2003, the CDC patented the genome – the entire genome. Natural genome. The illegal patent was granted by the CDC in 2007 after it was rejected as illegal three times by the patent office.

Have you heard me? The CDC had to fight three times to grant an illegal patent, and when they obtained that patent in 2007, they actually started checking the origin of everything related to the SARS coronavirus from that day on. We humans sat and did nothing.

How about in 2012 and 2013, when six viral models were mysteriously uploaded, in violation of the country’s biological and chemical weapons laws. They were uploaded to a server from China because they were collected from six miners in China.

They were uploaded to the server in violation of our domestic terrorism and biological weapons laws, here in the United States, and we had it confirmed in writing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015, and we have it from Ralph Baric in his own text stating that he uploaded information about a biological weapon that came from China, and began to produce it here in the United States.

Did you hear what I just said? At this point, it’s really important to point out that I haven’t done a lot of research. I watched this particular crime unfold from 1999. You look into the face of the man who investigated anthrax in September 2001. That’s when I started it. I’ve been in this game longer than most people even knew there was a game. And certainly longer than anyone who says they’re “really deeply immersed in COVID.”


It’s about being armed with information, because we have a war that hasn’t started yet. The war that hasn’t started yet is about the soul of this country, and the weapon it uses is a genetic chimerical altered biological weapon called the S-1 spike protein synthesis compound, which is supplied in a toxin that we know has ruined every animal experiment that has ever started.”


“So, to quote the vice-rector of one of the leading health institutions here in America, when the Institutional Review Committee was at her institution in California, she was asked to review the protocol for this particular vaccine, and she asked, ‘Where is the animal data?’ She was told, and I quote, ‘This is a protocol directly on humans.’

Have you heard what I just said? It derailed every animal study it ever went into. It’s ruined every animal test ever done, and this is a “human protocol.”

Ladies and gentlemen, let us call it by its true name: It is a premeditated murder. Stop trampling around it and get into it!

And under our supervision, we should not allow a single Attorney General, a single elected official, a single public health official to get away with any public statement that does not confirm that this is a biological weapons program designed to destroy, maim and kill the citizens of the United States and the people of the world.

It’s a crime, and we need to start treating it as a crime rather than watching bank robbers leave the bank and even get an Uber call. The point is that Anthony Fauci should be handcuffed and taken away in irons. That’s what it’s all about!” …


“I just want to end with an answer. The answer is: let’s stop diagnosing the problem. Until Anthony Fauci is handcuffed, Ralph Baric is handcuffed, and Francis Collins is not bound, we are not finished!

We have to set ourselves one goal: Anthony Fauci in chains and in prison. That’s our goal, because it ends… Emergency Use Permit (EUA) and responsibility for every damage and death will go back to society, because the moment we have a criminal conviction, the entire emergency use permit will collapse. If we convict them of a single crime – one crime – they lose the shield of immunity because the 1986 [VaccineHarm to Children] Act and the PREP Act say you get immunity if – if –

And there is only one silver bullet, ladies and gentlemen, and guess what? I just gave it to you. So let’s load this information weapon and go hunting…

When you go online to COVIDcon21, you can electronically sign the new Declaration of General Independence.” ….

“It’s time for us to realize that we have allowed the infection of fear to be used against us as a factor of destruction, and it’s time for us humans to actually take responsibility. If we want pure thoughts, pure actions, and pure deeds, we must begin to put them here. (points to head)

Let us stand united as humanity, and not a single breath for them until we see a renewed justice and sacredness in this land. Many thanks. God bless you.”

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