Dr. David E. Martin knows who he is.  And he’s here to show others how to remember what it means to put humanity into the human experience.

Over the past 5 decades he’s fully lived and has done so in service to humanity.  Unlike many who build an identity around accomplishments, he uses his actions to show others the vast extremes of possibility.

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Wobble – nature’s model of transformation

When we think of organizational change, most people think about resistance.  That’s because we see the outer edges and try to resist, manipulate or direct energy against undesired actions.

We burn up energy ‘trying to change’ but ignore the physics of a top.  Get the middle to move a fraction and the whole system wobbles.

Try to get the edge to change and you get burned up trying.  Dr. David Martin has transformed business, governments and personal relationships for over 3 decades in over 120 countries by introducing wobbles.

By discerning the ‘center of mass’ of the systems that need transformation and introducing a subtle shift in the middle, he’s changed the transformation game.  You – that’s right, one person – can make a difference.  Learn from the wobble ninja the secrets of transformation from the inside out.

David Martin

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