Donald Trump, the Sacrificial Hero

Christopher Chantrill,

Back in 2016, when Donald J. Trump won the presidency with a majority of the Electoral College and a minority of the popular vote, his big electoral problem was the suburban white women who couldn’t vote for a man who boasted about women allowing him to feel them up.

Trump was universally agreed to be a crass, crude businessman from Queens, not quite out of the top drawer.

Today, the suburban white women of my acquaintance still don’t like him, but they are going to vote for him. I wonder why?

Apart from the obvious, that Trump stands for law and order, the sine qua non for women because women “expect to be protected,” there is the fact that Donald Trump, as president, has been on the receiving end of four years of brutal attacks from our educated Gentry.

You all know the details: the fake dossier, the two-year special prosecutor investigation that ended up in a big Bupkis, the phony baloney Ukraine connection that was used to impeach the president in the House of Representatives; and finally the partisan attacks on the president’s handling of the CCP Virus epidemic. And, of course, the president has been repeatedly accused of racism.

Throughout the ordeal, the president has neither quailed nor quavered. He has steadfastly taken the incoming rounds and continued to govern and advance his agenda. And now he is up before the voters for reelection November 3rd 2020.

There are a couple of maxims that speak to unsuccessful efforts to take out a head of state. There is Emerson: “when you strike at the king, you must kill him.” Then there is Nietzsche: “what does not kill me makes me stronger.”

What does it tell us about our liberal friends that they have been unable to take out Trump? Their fathers had no trouble with Nixon half a century ago!

But there is a bigger factor in the Trump phenomenon, and it comes with the mythical notion of the dying god. The Epyptian god Osiris was killed by his jealous brother Set, but was then resurrected by his sister and his wife Isis to conceive a son, Horus. And Jesus Christ was sacrificed by God to redeem the sins of the world.

By the time we get to Jung and his archetypes, this death and rebirth becomes the Sacrificial Hero, and in the Jungian adept Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey down into the underworld of the unconscious with a return into the world to give his life as a boon to mankind. In Jordan B. Peterson, the returning Sacrificial Hero bravely dies upon the border between Order and Chaos so the rest of us may live.

In modern tech language Jung’s archetypes are brain firmware, programs deep in the human unconscious, and we live our lives by reenacting the deeds of these archetypal characters, the Dying King, the Great Mother, the Terrible Mother, the Hostile Brothers and, of course, the Sacrificial Hero — according to the dictates of our brain firmware.

Here’s a question. Is it possible that the extraordinary crowds at Trump rallies — and the phenomenon of cheerful Trump Car and Boat Parades — is a manifestation of the collective unconscious of ordinary American Commoners responding to a man who has laid his life on the line to represent them and fight for them on the borders between patriotic Order and lefty Chaos?

If this is so, then the campaign against Trump, starting with the fake Steele Dossier ordered up by the Hillary Clinton campaign and culminating with the almost satanic riots and lootings of the past summer, represents one of the most stunning follies of the modern age.

Why would any ruling class or political party set up the leader of the opposing party as a Christ figure, practically nailing him to the Cross of their hatreds and conceits? What are they thinking? Next up will be a replay of Spartacus with all the slaves declaring to the bearded @jack, Pontifex Maximus of the Deep State: “I am Donald Trump!”

As I write this, we cannot know how the American people will vote on November 3. But we do know this. If I were trying to build up a political leader into the Father of His Country, I would want to contrive for him a harrowing journey, beset on all sides by spurious attacks and anonymous accusations. I would have him nobly suffer through all these trials; I would have him be the one to raise the spirits of his followers with great rallies and messages of hope.

Win or lose, Donald Trump has become a national Sacrificial Hero. If he wins, he is the conquering hero that vanquished the cowardly foe not once, but twice. If he loses, he might enter legend and myth as a demi-god, as others before him that gave their all in ancient times.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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