DOJ Official Confirms “ACTIVE AND OPEN” Criminal Investigation Into Hunter Biden

Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell New Audio Clip Between Bobulinski and Biden Associates…

During his primetime show on Wednesday evening, Fox News host Tucker Carlson continued with his coverage of the bombshell allegations against Hunter Biden brought forward by his ex-associate Tony Bobulinski.

Carlson dropped a new recording between Bobulinski and Biden business associates Rob Walker and James Gilliar who were very nervous about media coverage of Biden corruption.

Moments ago, a DOJ official confirmed that a criminal investigation against Hunter Biden was opened in 2019 over money-laundering allegations.

Not only that, but the official confirmed that the investigation is still active today.

Will the media continue to ignore these Biden scandals?

Here’s the breaking news from James Rosen:

A Justice Department official confirms that in 2019, the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into “Hunter Biden and his associates,” focused on allegations of money-laundering, and that it remains open and active today,” he tweeted.

Here’s more reaction from Twitter:

This is still a developing story. Stay tuned for more….