Did A Top Democrat Really Just Say Let’s ‘Hang’ Trump?

Matt Vespa,

We all knew the Trump impeachment push was going to be a circus, but this really has careened off the cliff. After House Democrats fulfilled their fantasy of impeaching Trump based on shoddy quid pro quo allegations concerning military aid to Ukraine. This is all based on that infamous July phone call where Trump supposedly threatened to withhold aid unless they investigated possibly corruption allegations into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who sat on the board of an energy company. Impeaching Trump has been an obsession since day one of the Trump White House.

On a party-line vote, Democrats approved the obstruction of Congress and abuse of power charges, which are laughable. The Republican Party held firm. There were no defections. During the debate, the GOP beat the Democratic cause to a pulp. Yet, as this impeachment push awaits certain death in the Republican Senate, House Democrats are actually mulling withholding the articles because they know Republicans won’t remove Trump.

All-day yesterday, no—for months, we’ve been hearing from Democrats about how Trump is a threat to democracy. He’s a clear and present danger. And yet, we’re going to hold onto these impeachment articles because…we’re certain to lose. I thought this was an emergency. And now, House Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, want to create a constitutional crisis over this?

We also heard that Democrats were sad about impeaching Trump or something. Yeah, we all remember Rep. Rashida Tliab (D-MI) “impeach the motherf**ker” remarks. The Democrats promised this in 2018. And did Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) suggest that we have a fair trial for Trump in the Senate and then hang him? He also said that House Democrats should withhold the articles as long as required. This is extortion. Democrats are mad that they’re not running the show in the upper chamber and think they can set the rules. Not the case; that’s up to Mitch McConnell. Elections have consequences. We run the Senate.

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Now, the Trump War Room did cut the clip that shows Clyburn making this comment. It’s insane. It exposes the nature of the Trump impeachment push, but there’s more context to this. Frankly, the more shocking part about this is Clyburn declaring that Democrats would be nuts to transmit the articles if McConnell is going to host a—wait for it—kangaroo court. Clyburn’s “hang” comment relates that that. Again, Democrats know what McConnell will do, which is akin to someone saying let’s give him or her a fair trial and then hanging them. Still, the overall conduct of House Democrats has exposed this clown show.

The House investigates and the Senate hosts a trial based on their findings. And the findings are laughably weak. It’s clear that even House Democrats know their argument is garbage. It’s a promise to the base. It’s a political witch-hunt. And that’s why swing-state voters aren’t supportive of impeachment.