Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan: Wear The Masks Or We’ll Shut Down

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan (D) claims mask mandates have been effective in reducing COVID rates, adding that he won’t shut down the city’s economy if people continue to wear masks.

“Detroit actually has the lowest infection rate in the state of Michigan,” Duggan told “Face The Nation” on Sunday. “And it’s because behavior changed. In March and April, Michigan was hammered along with New York, and we had within a few weeks, a thousand people hospitalized and 50 of our neighbors dying every day.”

Despite Detroit having the lowest infection rate in the state, with about 1 or 2 Covid-related deaths per day, Duggan says it’s still too high to lift restrictions.

“It’s still too high, but the commitment to the testing, the commitment to the masks, has shown that you can dramatically drop the infection rate,” Duggan said.

“If you make a commitment to the masks, we don’t have to shut the economy down,” he added.

Duggan said the most vulnerable populations will receive the Covid vaccine first, adding he’s looking forward to Biden “taking control” of the situation.

“Occupation is going to go first…then people over the age over 65,” he said. “That’s the way they’re talking about it, I will be really glad when Joe Biden takes control of this and we get clear direction, but we will follow whatever protocols are there.”

Nothing like a tyrannical threat of impending economic devastation to motivate the population to comply with dubious mask mandates.

Within 12 months, over 100 million people will be dead from starvation. The Third World is purposely being collapsed by the globalists in order to establish UN control in Western Civilization.

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