Democrats Voting To Give Illegal Immigrants $16 Billion In Stimulus Checks

ALICIA F. LUKE, The Democratic-led House recently passed a $3 trillion spending package, The HEROES Act, that provides more than $16 billion in coronavirus stimulus payments to illegal immigrants who file tax returns without Social Security numbers.

LESKO: “It gives $1,200 to people that are here illegally. Illegally. Why are we not prioritizing U.S. citizens? It lets criminals that are convicted of murder and rape, just because they’re 50 years old or older, out of prison. And it federalizes elections, mandating that there’s same-day voter registration and that everyone is mailed a ballot. This is a ridiculous bill in this combined rule and I asked my members to vote no.”

JORDAN: “In one week the Democrats have shown us exactly what they want to do. In one week’s time. May 8th, one week ago, seven Democrats on the coronavirus select committee sent a letter to Universal Stainless & Alloy Products in western Pennsylvania and they say give back your PPP money. Here’s the letter. ‘You have not returned these funds.’ Three days later, May 11th, four of our colleagues, two Democrats, two Republicans, sent a letter to those seven Democrats and say hey, wait a minute. Universal Stainless followed the rules, they’re entitled to their money. If they have to give it back, they will have to lay off steelworkers. And today, this bill does what? This bill does what? It gives tax dollars to illegal immigrants. In one week’s time, take money from steelworkers, give it to illegal immigrants. That’s the Democrat vision for their country, and if for no other reason, that’s why we should vote against this bill.”

Boy howdy! It is sure easy for the Democrats to give charity with other people’s money and not their own. They are ignoring who they work for. This is how you ensure the destruction of our Republic.

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