Democrats Don’t Believe in the Constitution.

Daniel Greenfield, Why Should They Care About Constitutionality?

And I’m not just talking about Biden or Larry Tribe here.

The central premise of the Constitution is a limitation on governmental powers. The Democrats have gone from a party of local government advocates to big government advocates. The leftist takeover has accompanied a conviction that urgent transformative reforms are needed to save people and the planet, and that virtually any means justify the ends of saving a systemically racist nation from itself.

Limitations of powers don’t figure into that.

This isn’t just a policy rejection, but a philosophical rejection of premises like the “consent of the governed” or the “separation of powers”.

Those are concerns for people who thought government was the problem, not the solution. The last Democrats who still think that way are generationally on the way out. Old Dems like Justice Breyer struggle to explain to a younger generation that the shoe can be on the other foot. He misses the point that the new leftist oligarchy is driving at a system in which the shoe can never be on the other foot because the entire corpus is radical and enforces party discipline. Call it Communism, Marxism, or Socialism, those are ultimately just names.

Democrats view constitutional arguments as purely tactical, useful if they serve their purposes, hostile action if they don’t. And the purposes all add up to power. Lefties rarely seek to prevent the government from doing something anymore. The rare exception being counterterrorism involving Muslims. When they seek to prevent a Republican POTUS from doing something, they turn to process and procedural arguments that reinforce their authority because their goal is not to reduce government power, but to increase it.

Concerns about the constitutionality of a vaccine mandate, an issue that lefties used to care about, are now a non-issue. It’s all Leninesque, “Who, Whom” stuff now. If you don’t believe in limiting governmental power, you don’t believe in the Constitution.

And the Democrats don’t.