Democrats “Commemorate” Coronavirus Victims They Killed

Daniel Greenfield, Biden and the Democrats began their takeover in a fortified city filled with troops, surrounded by barbed wire and shadowed by political terror, with a heavily politicized commemoration of those who died of coronavirus.

A real commemoration would have addressed the reality that this was not just a natural phenomenon, but a contagion that Communist China at the very least deliberately spread in order to bring down the United States and the European Union, and cash in on the disaster. But Beijing Biden isn’t about to do that.

The truly ghoulish part of the commemoration is that Democrat policies, which forced nursing homes in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and other states to take in infected coronavirus patients may have accounted for as much as a third of that death toll.

Biden decided to take Rick ‘Rachel’ Levine, the Pennsylvania health secretary who forced nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients but moved his own mother out of a nursing home, as his assistant health secretary.

Over 8,400 coronavirus deaths have taken place in Pennsylvania nursing homes.

The commemoration didn’t address any of that and instead followed the usual “clap for our health care heroes” routine. This means that we won’t discuss how many patients died because they were needlessly intubated to protect our unionized heroes.

Last spring, doctors put patients on ventilators partly to limit contagion at a time when it was less clear how the virus spread, when protective masks and gowns were in short supply. Doctors could have employed other kinds of breathing support devices that don’t require risky sedation, but early reports suggested patients using them could spray dangerous amounts of virus into the air, said Theodore Iwashyna, a critical-care physician at University of Michigan and Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals in Ann Arbor, Mich.

At the time, he said, doctors and nurses feared the virus would spread through hospitals. “We were intubating sick patients very early. Not for the patients’ benefit, but in order to control the epidemic and to save other patients,” Dr. Iwashyna said “That felt awful.”

As the pandemic grew, hospitals in the U.S. reported death rates in some cases of about 50% for ventilated Covid-19 patients.

As a safety precaution, doctors and hospitals limited the access of health-care workers to coronavirus patients on ventilators, giving them fewer opportunities to check on them. That meant patients required more powerful sedatives to keep them from pulling out throat tubes. Sedation increases risk for delirium, research suggests, and delirium increases the likelihood of long-term confusion and death.

Clap some more.

And then there was the outbreak of pandemic eugenics.

It was late March when the woman with an intellectual disability contracted COVID-19. She struggled to breathe.

In the hospital, a medical provider wrote do-not-resuscitate (DNR) and do-not-intubate orders for the woman. Those are medical instructions to health care providers to withhold potentially painful interventions, like a ventilator or CPR, if a patient stops breathing or the patient’s heart stops. The woman was alone in the hospital and did not understand what the doctor and medical staff wanted her to agree to.

In addition, the hospital staff sent word to the woman’s group home: Fill out DNRs in advance for your other residents, in case one of them comes to the hospital.

We’re not going to talk about any of this. Instead, we’re going to get more media talking points about how no one would have died if everyone wore masks. Just like they do in New York and Southern California.

If we’re going to have a truth and reconciliation commission, let’s start with the nursing homes and do what Republicans failed to do in the 2020 election.

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