Democrats Attempt To Provoke Violence

Derek Hunter, In the years running up to the 2020 election, I posited that the Democrat Party was doing all it could to keep their mob angry, but only to a certain point.

They wanted their base simmering, just short of a boil, but ready at a moment’s notice to goose step off to action wherever needed. It was a delicate line they walked, they needed people mad without inspiring violence that could be blamed on them, they had to avoid creating another James Hodgkinson. Now their objective has changed…slightly. Democrats appear to be doing all they can to provoke violence against their own. Anything, absolutely anything, for the cause.

What do I mean by “provoke”? I firmly believe the left-wing establishment would like nothing more than one of their own coming under some kind of violent attack by someone they can accuse of being a “right-winger!”

I don’t know how else to explain the continued attacks on anything and everything the right holds dear. Joe Biden ran on “being President of all Americans,” and has since set about to divide by race, gender, and political ideology. It’s downright evil, to be honest.

What the left is doing, all of the left, is the equivalent of getting in the faces of people and yelling, “Go ahead and hit me!” Anyone not fully a brownshirt leftist is denounced as the cause of all the problems in the world, which have generally been caused by liberal politicians.

MSNBC convenes panels to discuss how Republicans tried to murder everyone in government on January 6th, killed more people than 9/11 in the process, and wanted nothing more than to destroy the country. That’s nowhere close to reality, and the latter is a feature of the left, but they say it with a straight face and a sense of urgency as to provoke a response.

That response is, by necessity, some left-wing nutball going berserk (no one else is watching them) and going after someone with impure thoughts. That’s throwing matches and a pack of smokes in a room full of gas.

Democrats don’t seem to care who might get hurt. In their push to activate their base to inspire violence against them, they’ve brought members of their own army of flying monkeys closer to that precipice with a member of their own party than they’ve succeeded with normal people.

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, has been verbally harassed at least twice so far, once in the bathroom, the other on a plane. Both times by illegal aliens demanding citizenship because, well, they demand it. Personally, I’d prefer to launch these d-bags into the Gulf of Mexico, but that’s just me. It’s also why I’m not a Senator or elected to anything. To her credit, Sinema hasn’t responded in a rude way, or any way at all. She’s mostly ignored these rude piles of garbage invading her personal space.

Someone, probably soon, will not ignore these people invading their personal space, accusing them of being monsters or any number of other lies leftists are spewing seemingly to provoke at this point. Someone will take the government overreach, the infringement of rights, the accusations of treason, the indefinite imprisonment of people for trespassing, the weaponization of the FBI to help implement racist teaching in public schools, etc., to heart and not simply roll their eyes.

I hope that doesn’t happen, not because I care about these leftists, but because I want to beat them. The American public is turning against them in ways not seen before; they’re recognizing the progressive movement as the enemies of the country they have always been. Anything that deviates from that would only serve to help the left. When your enemy is committing suicide, let them. Do not give them any distractions from their own failures.

Modern progressives are in a different position than they were in Germany in 1933. Back then, they needed an emergency big enough to justify a complete and total power grab, so the Nazis burned the Reichstag. There’s too much surveillance to get away with that today, but they still want the same end result, so they’re poking the bear, any bear, as much as they can hoping one of them will strike back.

Any reaction will be portrayed as the latest example of a pattern, which will include January 6th, and be used to justify the consolidation of power around them that will be used to negate elections.

The more people see of Democrats, the less they want of them. Provoking an attack of any kind or size on them is the only way they’ll ever get sympathy enough to impose their will on the country and stave off the coming electoral defeat. Progressives will do anything for power, if a few people might have to get hurt or worse for the cause, so be it. They’ve cleared off enough pedestals that statues can be erected to whomever they need, provided there are any left empty after they put up the statues to their heroes first. The Mao, Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler statue manufacturing industry will be the only growth industry under their reign.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.

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