Democratic Campaign Workers Forged Absentee Ballots…

Daniel GreenfieldThey Used the Names of People Who Were Serving Time in Prison!

Don’t get too excited. This is from Philly. But it’s also from 1994 when a crucial election flipped the State Senate to the Republicans because of Democrat voter fraud.

In writing today’s article, American Coup, I mentioned how prevalent and blatant the voter fraud is in Philly.

In 1994, the fraud in one Philly election was so bad that a federal judge ruled that a Democrat State Senator had to be replaced by a Republican shifting control of the Pennsylvania Senate.

Speaking About News

The New York Times, at the time noted that, “Democratic campaign workers forged absentee ballots. On many of the ballots, they used the names of people who were living in Puerto Rico or serving time in prison, and in one case, the voter had been dead for some time.”

In, what ought to be a familiar story, “the two Democrats on the three-member board of elections, an elected body, testified that they were aware of the voter fraud, had intentionally failed to enforce the election law and had later tried to conceal their activities by hurriedly certifying the Democratic candidate as the winner.”

The question isn’t whether there’s fraud in Philly elections. The only question is how much.

Despite some efforts at reform, Philly remains incredibly corrupt and voter fraud cases have kept popping up even before this election.

And yet, the same media that tells us that Russian conspiracies rigged the 2016 election, loudly claims that any notion of voter fraud in Philly is a dangerous conspiracy theory.

Biden is Running his Own Government-in-Exile

America has a pretty clear and simple system. There are limits and expiration dates.

There’s no Office of the President Elect. That was something Obama made up, complete with a fake presidential seal that even some in the media told him went too far.

Nonetheless, Biden has declared victory, or the media did on his behalf, and is now running video chat sessions with his imaginary government in exile. The whole thing is predictably un-American, but it’s also a reminder that a Biden regime would really be Obama’s third term with all the same toxic antics and personalities marching back in.

America has one government at a time. It’s a pretty simple formula.

There’s one president, one replacement should something happen to him, and that’s it. We don’t have shadow governments or governments in exile, or whatever Biden’s imaginary office consists of.

This election is already a coup. Biden is trying to make it look even more coup-like.

Inventing an Office of the President Elect, complete with fake seal and government briefings, undermines the sitting president and is arguably illegal.

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