Dem Double Standards on Riots Keep Coming Back to Bite Them

Speaking About News

Daniel Greenfield, Why was there a reluctance by the military to respond to the Capitol Riot? Democrats and the media keep putting out conspiracy theories while refusing to listen to the real answer which is that when BLM attacked the White House, Democrats and their media assailed any military or even federal law enforcement role in fighting back against their “mostly peaceful” race rioters as “fascism”, “authoritarianism”, and all sorts of horrible things.

It should have surprised no one that the lesson from the BLM violence in D.C. was don’t call the military to respond to a riot.

Except it surprised Democrats and their media who, in their minds, are convinced that their rioters are fundamentally different than other people’s rioters. And they imposed a new standard after the Capitol Riot of treating any protest around a government building (except in Portland) as WW3.

And then when one of their protesters was arrested in Atlanta, they once again began screaming about fascism. Why was she arrested?

Biden: A Captive to his Handlers

A Georgia State Patrol lieutenant said memories of the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol were on his mind when he arrested a Democratic legislator after she knocked repeatedly on the door of Gov. Brian Kemp’s state office as he was touting a sweeping new elections law.

The officer, Lt. G.D. Langford, said in a 13-page incident report that he was worried that other protesters would have been “emboldened” to follow state Rep. Park Cannon’s lead if he didn’t arrest her after she refused his requests to stop knocking on Kemp’s private second-floor office in the Georgia Capitol.

Democrats want to have their double standards, but those double standards don’t work.

You can either treat protests inside and around a government building as good clean fun or a ruthless assault on democracy. But switching on and off doesn’t work unless you fundamentally retrain law enforcement to understand that lefties get special treatment and conservatives get a bullet.

Law enforcement and the military reacted to the Capitol Riot based on their prior experiences during the Trump administration, not only with BLM, but the Kavanaugh hearings, and a lefty activist culture in which disrupting hearings and legislative events had become routine. After the Capitol Riot, law enforcement is reacting based on the new set of standards. Except that the Left keeps changing those standards based on who the players are.