Def. Sec. Chris Miller and FEMA head Pete Gaynor are in charge of the country

The military interim govt (under Secty of Defense Chris Miller and DHS/FEMA head Pete Gaynor) is still in charge of running the country.

Arrests and Dismantling the DEEP STATE Operatives.

They are in charge of moving the RV release out; he confirmed that since the RV/GCR return to the gold standard is a national security and global operation, the Biden fraudulent illegal foreign CCP controlled administration (a foreign “belligerent” power, occupying Washington DC which is why it is under military action now) cannot hinder or stop the release, which they would try to do if they were able to (he said remember, serving Deep State handlers, Obama stopped the RV 24[!!] times, Bush Jr stopped it several times, and Clinton dozens of times); but he confirmed Mr. Fleming’s sources that as of last Fri 23 Jan there were no issues with the Biden team that would hinder the release, so that all is well on that score.(edited)
[10:25 PM]
. . . He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that everything is still moving smoothly, and the RV teams have been pushing forward with bond moneys being recalculated, checked & rechecked and moved into bond seller recipient accounts over the weekend (the moneys being moved are from bond redemptions of 111 types of bonds, including the Exotic Bonds [Yellow Dragon bonds, et al.] and ZIM bonds, and he confirmed that these are huge amounts of moneys from which funds will be downstreamed to T1-4A & 4B exchanges); he confirmed that the master plan is to start the shotgun liquidity release this Tue 1/26 which will start the sequence of downstreaming and cascading of funds that will reach us in T4B at a certain time and in a certain sequence with the 1.4 million notification emails from WF servers, the database of which has been checked, pinged, verified, and made ready by teams at multiple banks to send out this week; his current estimate is that T4B could start, as Bruce & other sources have been told, somewhere around Tue-Wed-Thu 1/26-28 (purposefully vague for security).
. . . He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the ZIM is still in play and that the rates for the ZIM and all currencies are very very high for us in T4B redemptions—higher than they have ever been—and he said we should love the rates when we get to the exchange appointments; he confirmed the list of recommended humanitarian & job creation projects will be presented to currency holders at our appointments to justify asking for the higher contract rates in addition to, or instead of, your own projects.(edited)
[10:26 PM]
. . . He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that tomorrow Mon 25 Jan is a key day when the military leaders who are responsible for the legal and lawful aspect of exchange procedures will get together and meet to discuss the final parameters of the shotgun liquidity start and the start of T4B exchanges; the military is moving all forward based on the procedures that Trump had set up so that Trump could step back and not be the hands-on coordinator of the release; Trump had everything already signed that was required to release the RV / GCR shotgun start fully so that nothing will be stopped; he said that at this time, the Biden team do not intend to interfere (and will not be allowed by the military to interfere), he said—so all good news he said.
. . . He is confirming that the interim military government overseeing and pushing forward the RV/GCR release process, and the restored Republic govt under Trump behind the scenes (see proof of this below), may still use facilities in DC but will also use new facilities in other sovereign territories across the country (some possibilities, he confirmed, are the new UST in Reno NV, possible restored Republic capital in TX or Philadelphia or other locations);
. . . He confirmed that Reno has been going full steam ahead over the past 72 hours preparing for the shotgun liquidity start in about 24-48 hours, since paymasters were called to be in place in Reno last Wed 20 Jan;
. . . He confirmed that the RV release master plan is to get our T4B exchanges FINISHED & COMPLETED over the next 2.5 weeks, and the public T5 is to be started toward the end of that window before the start of the 16-day Chinese New Year celebration;
[10:27 PM]
. . . He said that the Deep State has continued putting out threats of (FBI / CIA / Chinese CCP enabled) shootings and mass casualties, bombs and bioweaponized attacks by the dozen, but Military Intel (DIA) and Space Force assets and regular JSOC & SOCOM Special Operation Force (SOF) Rangers, SEALs, Delta etc units have been shutting them down; SOF covert teams have infiltrated Antifa BLM and other Deep State cells and are exposing & neutralizing them from within too; he said, yes, there were pipe-bombs and briefcase dirty nuclear bomb threats at the SCOTUS and Capitol buildings last Wed 20 Jan as former DEA agent Mark Baughman’s sources reported (see OperationDisclosure link below) but all those threats have been neutralized he said.
[10:29 PM]
. . . He said one such Deep State attack scenario was being threatened in Las Vegas NV THIS COMING TUE-TO-SAT 26-30 Jan for which Deep State operatives with FBI / CIA related connections put out ads to recruit mass casualty crisis actors for a “disaster training exercise” (the FBI has historically run “training exercises” as false flag actual mass terror events with fall guy patsies to take the blame [e.g., Las Vegas mass shooting 1 Oct 2017 that murdered 61 people was done by an FBI sniper, he and other sources have confirmed, & they blamed it on Stephen Paddock who did not do it; the Nashville bombing was an FBI / CIA / Chinese CCP team operation, not the Nashville loner Anthony Quinn Warner who was blamed for it; JFK’s murder blamed on Oswald when it was Bush Sr and a team of CIA / FBI / mafia cartel snipers who murdered JFK; the Boston bombing blamed on suspects who did not do it, etc, etc, nausea, etc]—see the Vegas crisis actor ad here: ); he said the military is tracking and shutting down threats like this one right now but he said PRAYERS are appreciated that Deep State FBI / CIA / ANTIFA etc operatives cannot cause violence to try to force the DoD military leaders to have to stop or delay the RV release THIS WEEK!!(edited)
Public Intelligence Blog
Mongoose: Las Vegas False Flag Radiological Attack? – Public Intell…
As received from Alert Reader (and since taken off the Internet).

[10:30 PM]
. . . He is confirming intel from Gene Decode (pseudonym), who is a Vietnam vet that served on Navy submarines off the coast of Vietnam and is a retired Naval intel officer, who fortunately is also providing much info (not classified intel but simply open source intel [OSINT] like from our guy’s sources) about what is happening behind the scenes; his info is the same as Gene’s that there are 5 aircraft carrier strike groups off the west coast and 2 off the east coast, and the US military is now at DEFCON 2 (high alert, next step to nuclear war, troops ready to deploy and engage within 6 hours of being called up); his info is the same that the carrier strike groups off the west coast have had accompanying attack submarines alerting the carrier groups to CCP Chinese barges that had weapons on them that have been bound for Deep State Antifa / BLM / CIA / FBI terrorist operatives inside the country: these barges are being stopped and as Gene Decode said, “Thank you very much CCP China for supplying the US military with additional weapons for our troops to use to defend this country” (said with a smile and a hint of sarcasm).
. . . He is confirming that Trump had already signed all necessary documents and EOs for the military to get the RV/GCR out; his info continues to be that Trump is on the side-lines, extremely insulated by the military to protect him and his family and is taking a vacation now (after 4 years of being pummeled daily by the Deep State);
. . . He confirmed sources saying that the interim military govt heads, Secty of Defense Chris Miller at DoD and Pete Gaynor at DHS / FEMA, still report to Trump as the commander-in-chief of the restored Republic; his info is the same as Gene Decode’s (similar to Dr. Charlie Ward’s, & Simon Parkes’) that Trump was sworn in two weeks ago on Mon 11 Jan as commander-in-chief of the restored Republic behind the scenes;
[10:31 PM]
. . . He said it is only as ongoing commander-in-chief of the restored Republic, that Trump still has the nuclear football with him and his team (Biden does not have the nuclear football), Trump is STILL flying on military aircraft AFTER leaving the White House, showing he is still being treated as commander-in-chief by the military (as confirmed by Monkey Werx who is a former military aviatior and aerospace engineer: at the 2:00-8:00 minute marks, Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 1 22 21 ) while Biden was NOT given a military or govt aircraft to fly to DC for the inauguration, showing that Biden IS NOT the commander-in-chief but only the president of an insolvent Illegal foreign insurgent occupying “belligerent” power about to be removed by the military from DC ( Tue 1/19 – Joe Biden Isn’t Getting Government Plane to Fly Him to D.C. Inauguration. ); he confirmed that the inauguration was a FAKE PRE-RECORDED INAUGURATION, a copy of which Dr. Charlie Ward received from his Alliance sources 12 hours before the Wed 20 Jan inauguration ( “PRE RECORDING OF THE ILLEGAL FAKE AND FRAUD INAUGURATION – MISSING GIRLS CLIP“ –
. . . With Trump as the ongoing commander-in-chief, the interim military govt is still reporting to Trump on all operations, providing Trump with military aircraft to travel on, and this would NOT be happening unless they still recognized Trump as the only legally elected president and as head of the restored Republic, he said.
Monkey Werx US
Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 1 22 21

Joe Biden Isn’t Getting Government Plane to Fly Him to D.C. Inaugur…
Donald Trump’s pettiness apparently knows no bounds, because Joe Biden isn’t getting what Trump himself got … a government aircraft taking him to D.C. for his inauguration.

Juan O Savin

The True Great Awakening

[10:32 PM]
. . . He is confirming info from Mark Baughman last Fri 1/22, a former DEA agent and crime analyst for First Coast News Jacksonville FL, that the top patriots’ real plan in the war against the Deep State has been “to go back to the gold standard for currency, worldwide.” As Baughman and his sources said, “This is why the Deep State and the Illuminati bankers were after Trump during and before his whole first term. . . . This was really why JFK was killed, not really for anything else except control of the financial systems” ( ); he said the rest of Mark Baughman’s article at OperationDisclosure is excellent and worth reading, as Baughman has good sources.
. . . He is confirming, as Baughman and his sources have said (link above), that arrests have been happening behind the scenes over the last several days inside and outside DC;(edited)
Operation Disclosure
The Real State of Affairs in America: All will Change in the Public…
Operation Disclosure | By By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer January 22, 2021 The Real State of Affairs in America; All will change in t…

[10:35 PM]
. . . The fact that arrests have been going on behind the scenes, he said, is clearly indicated by examples like the video last Thu 21 Jan of Joe Biden describing some of his team members, when an unidentified voice in the background says, “I just agreed to a plea sentence for . . . ” (The video was removed/censored from the internet within hours of being posted; copies are here And ); our guy said that arrests either precede or follow indictments (formal charges), and then arraignment (1st court appearance), and only then are PLEA SENTENCES OFFERED and AGREED TO BY DEFENDANTS only AFTER THEY WERE ARRESTED and charged and arraigned ( And )—SO THIS CONFIRMS ARRESTS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING behind the scenes; our guy said that the military tribunals are active now and arraigning these Deep State arrestees RIGHT NOW BEHIND THE SCENES.
. . . He said be ready for an active week this week and prayers are appreciated that the release will GO AS PLANNED this week; he agreed with Mr. Fleming’s sources that many will be caught off guard who have been reading misinfo on the internet that the RV release will not happen for another month or two; so be ready he said.(edited)
Biden giving speech and Hunters voice pops in at 1:16:30 announcing he’s accepted a plea deal. “so just you know my life, uh, as we were waiting to do this, I just agreed to a plea sentence for uh, a guy…


There’s a male voice heard as Biden speaks.

“I just agreed to a plea sentence for…”


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