Deep State clown show becoming more and more public for all to see

Deep State clown show, Intel and QFS Updates, Adjudicated settlements including sovereigns like the Native Americans and Black Farmer Pickford settlements are fully liquid as of today Fri 19 March, he said his info is that higher level T3-4A groups and higher level bond sellers are actually receiving notifications now .

(they’re going quiet under NDAs too) to access funds in their accounts with only 1% accessible till T4B notifications come to us any time tomorrow Sat 20 March or if it takes the 2,500 Admirals subgroup paymasters longer this weekend to downstream liquidity to their downline accounts.

T4B may be started and the shotgun start may be closer to next Mon-Tue 22-23 March BUT he emphasized THE LINE AHEAD OF US IN T4B IS MOVING RIGHT NOW and WE ARE VERY CLOSE, LIKE NEVER BEFORE—he said the moment-by-moment suspense of Iraq’s parliament meeting today about to announce its HCL, budget, and IQD RV rate today or tomorrow Sat 20 March IS A SIGN WE ARE FINALLY AT THE END.. ..He said stop saying that this all sounds like it sounded in the past; he said we have NEVER been this close to the shotgun start; he confirmed Mr Fleming’s source saying we should celebrate that D1 and D2 actually FULLY DISBURSED funds last Tue-Wed 16-17 March—THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE … EVER; he said we should be celebrating that D2 was FULLY disbursed to UST accounts day before yesterday Wed 17 March St Patrick’s Day, because that is the source for our T4B exchanges and for the $1.9 Trillion stimulus bill $1,400 direct deposits and checks that did NOT go live or go out en masse till Wed 17 March the same day D2 completed being disbursed.

. ..He said keep your heads up, keep all in prayer, and expect the interim military govt to increase disclosures by late March about the election fraud and the fake Biden fraud in preparation to remove him in April;(edited)
[4:09 PM]
. .. He said Biden’s recent green screen antics and tripping while boarding the fake AF1 are just the start of full disclosure of the Deep State clown show becoming more and more public for all to see.

What if WWIII is virtual? Designed to drive you over the edge into madness for fear of what is coming on the earth…. fear is the opposite of faith!

Fear destroys your immune system, wearies your heart, leaves you in a pit of despair, opposite of God’s love. It is what manifests illness, and creates mental confusion, despair that can lead to anger and onslaught through warring with each other, and suicides? What if the war on the mind is the weapon? What will you do to reverse this weapon? It’s time to expose it! Mind control is real and they know how to trigger complete and total despair and fear within your mind if you allow them to give you their virtual world full of lies. It is happening now and very real. How will you survive a bunch of crazies who believe all the lies? They will be dangerous if not to others, to themselves. Suicides and physical abuse to others, even murders will rise.

We are already seeing the success of the mind control fear of COVID in those rushing to take the vaccine.  The masks, disinfecting to the point of getting ill from toxic chemicals in the disinfectants. Locked down willingly, staying inside out of the sun which the lack thereof causes depression in and of itself. Let alone the lack of vitamin D. All of it is extreme abuse and none of it beneficial for anything except making people susceptible to illness.  Depleting immune systems further and compromising our respiratory systems.

They are destroying the body without the vaccine. Vax just makes it happen faster.

CHINA JOINS VIRTUAL WWIII FEAR SHOW: Why is NBC News showing the third round of talks with yesterdays CGI clips. Guess they haven’t got the new green screens and talking points in yet.


Conveniently, the press is not allowed in except for a few minutes at a time. Do you believe that? This is a bunch of bull and people are buying into it. Taking all the way up north so no one in the lower 48 and be able to check out if it is taking place or not. Where’s Sarah Palin…she would be able to fact check this green screen event!

But we are to believe that day two of the virtual reality show will bring some very dramatic information. I predict, we either give China a huge package of things that will cripple the USA to create more fear on top of Vaccines and Plandemic, or the US will not go along and a WWIII type scenario will be the fear to create more stress on top of the Vaccines and Plandemic.

So CHINA, CHINA, CHINA…..with a bunch of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA sandwiched in the middle. We’re all going to die in WWIII and Russia and China are either going to kill us all or take all….that is the fearful propaganda they are developing. Brought to you by the creators of ‘THE TRUMAN SHOW ON STEROIDS’.