Crimes Against Our Nation and Constitution?

New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell is calling for Donald Trump and his “enablers” to be prosecuted.

No word on who the “enables” are, but presumably its just anyone Pascrell doesn’t like.

Note that Pascrell doesn’t even list any specific crimes. It’s just a laundry list of things he doesn’t like about Trump that they’ll determine are crimes later. Of course, Donald Trump’s team could have just as easily used the same kind of thinking to prosecute Barrack Obama. Similarly, the reason people kept chanting “lock her up” when it came to Hillary Clinton was that she deserved to go to prison. In fact, any ordinary citizen who risked classified data the way she did with her private email server would have been jailed. The reason it didn’t happen and the reason it probably won’t ultimately happen with Trump if Democrats have half a brain is that it creates a Hatfield and McCoy’s dynamic with legal charges. If they go after Trump, why wouldn’t Republicans go after Biden, Clinton, and Harris? For that matter, why not charge Bill Pascrell with breaking the law and force him to spend the next few years of his life battling it out in the courts?

Targeting Trump’s entire administration is even worse. Once you open that door up, the law becomes nothing more than a tool to use against your political enemies, and who gets prosecuted depends on who’s in power. Democracies ultimately turn into dictatorships over the long term under those circumstances because being in power becomes the only way to stay out of jail. Democrats are known for being mean spirited, emotional, short term thinkers, but even they should hesitate to go down that path because of where it will lead.

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