COVID-19 Is a Vehicle for Democrat Control of Individuals

John Dempsey,

It is no secret that politicians love power. The Founding Fathers knew that big government power could make people drunk with authority. I understand that no political group is not without its faults. However, one party has taken advantage of the COVID-19 virus. Republicans have left mask requirements and church attendance to individuals. On the other hand, Democrats have required more mask mandates, lockdowns, and restricted whether people can attend their church. COVID-19 has brought forth the desire of Democrats to control individuals – the concern our Founding Fathers had.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, there was a legitimate concern. We did not know exactly what this virus brought – the extent of symptoms, death rate, long-term issues, or survival probability. However, we are well into this issue now and are almost at the point of having a vaccine quicker than any other time in our nation’s history, but Democrats do not care. All they see is their power for control slipping away.

Democratic governors and other left-wing politicians are quick to tell citizens in their states that they should stay home via fear-mongering, even though we know that there is a survival rate of 99.8 percent. However, we see California democratic Governor Gavin Newsom go out to eat at a restaurant with high-level medical executives where the plates are $450 on average; he claimed it was outside, but pictures show he lied. Democrat Nancy Pelosi got her hair styled at a salon in downtown San Francisco sans mask, then claimed it was as set up – a setup Pelosi scheduled herself. Let’s mention another California Democrat, Diane Feinstein. She was seen in the halls of the Senate in close quarters without a mask and in the airport. Alleged president “elect” Joe Biden was also seen celebrating his birthday in a close-quarter room – no masks to be seen.

Apparently, the rules Democrats cast down upon us citizens regarding masks, lockdowns, and places we can attend are not good enough for left-wing politicians. Why are the rules good for us and not for them? The same reason Washington politicians left out Obamacare requirements for themselves in the law. Because what is good for thee is not good for me.

The mask mandate by politicians parallels the same principle as Obamacare – control. Many people have stated that Democrats “care about you” and “want health equality” and “follow the science.”

Their actions should invoke a critical question – an inquiry that directly affects your individual freedom. It is this: why don’t Democratic politicians follow their dictated rules?

Control is an important part of Democratic policies. When control is exercised via social programs, hysteric health guidelines, big government regulations, and freedom/liberty infringing laws, Democrats begin to harbor the power they desire. And in the same vein, Republicans that do not diametrically oppose the left’s draconian rules are just as guilty.

Republicans, not all of them, but many, are just as guilty. They do not defend the Constitution and go along with their Democratic counterparts to get along, allowing Democrats to get a little more power they seek. For far too long, Republicans have been spineless. They have not stood up against the Democrats seeking gradual control. The GOP’s inability or unwillingness to fight for their supporters has slowly caused some of our constitutional rights to be chipped away, losing more of our individual freedoms and liberties.

Socialist and Communist power did not occur overnight. Marx, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and others knew that getting control of people would not be an overnight success. They would have to chip away and mentally break their citizens before gaining physical control. The Democratic Party is following the dictator’s revolutionary ways, and COVID-19 exposed them.

American’s have a different spirit. Our country was founded on the principles of liberty, freedom, and an individualist mentality. The founders knew that personal responsibility, individualism, and free will were paramount in our lives as individuals; and understood the danger of big government encroachment as well.

Control is the ultimate goal of the Democratic Party. Any Republicans who are not outspoken against them are just as guilty of allowing the march for socialist/communist control. We should be aware of what the end game is for Democrats. Once you realize what they are trying to achieve – control via socialism – you will understand leftist policies.

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