Covid-19 and Population Control?

Is The Pandemic A Scam To Reduce The World Population & Give Control To A Small Group Of Powerful People By Instilling Fear?

Touch Stone Connect – by Pensamiento Peligroso

Is The Pandemic Real Or Contrived? Anyone with a half a mind has to be asking questions about the veracity of the people in charge and the ridiculous attributions to the virus in question.

The Covid 19 virus has attributed to it the smartest features you could imagine:

1.) It has a tape measure so it can tell if you’re less than 6 feet apart.

2.) It has a calendar so it knows how long you need to stay locked down.

3.) It has a watch so it knows you should not hang around anyone for more that 15 minutes.

4.) It has a calculator which says you should not be around more than four other people at any given time, and sometimes 9 or 49 or 299 other people – just depends upon the circumstances.

5..) It can distinguish between Marxist Leninist Politically Correct and criminal protesters and peaceful attendees at church, and it is faithful in not infecting people who are buying liquor or marijuana.

6.) It can attack and retreat at will (2nd and 3rd waves).

7.) It voluntarily declines (as a 1.5 micron virus) to pass through a 5 micron hole in masks.

8.) It complies with actuarily correct statistics to attack old and infirm people for the most part.

9.) It can hide so that nobody can really prove it exists.

10.) It spreads even if people wear masks and “social distance”.

11.) It succeeds in striking fear in the hearts of people and causes people to distrust each other and turn on each other.

12.) It can destroy an economy and nation without firing a shot.

And so on and so on.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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