Could Dem lawmakers push their state too far left?

A pro-family activist who resides in Virginia believes there could be backlash if the newly elected Democrat majority in his state legislature foists a far-left radical agenda on the people of the state.

The mainstream media and the left are celebrating after Democrats flipped both the state Senate and the House of Delegates, giving them control of the legislature and the governor’s office for the first time in more than two decades. Democrats there are now poised to pass a radical left-wing agenda, including putting restrictions on the Second Amendment and granting special rights for the LGBTQ community and illegal immigrants.

But Gary Bauer of American Values says it’s hard for him to believe that Virginia would continue going hard left and become a state like California.

“I just think that even among new immigrant populations in Virginia there’s more support for traditional values and family issues than you’re likely to find in places in California like San Francisco and Berkeley and Oakland and so forth,” he tells OneNewsNow.

But the longtime conservative activist says there’s no mistaking that his state is moving left.

“… Perhaps the best thing that can happen to Virginia is that the new legislature now in the hands of the left will attempt to put through some of those ideas that we see in places like New York City and in California,” he suggests.

And if they do that, he predicts “a tremendous backlash” that could end up swinging Virginia back in a conservative direction.

Money speaks … and babies die

One of the concerns over the “blue wave” in Virginia is that the state may go down the same pro-abortion road as the Empire State.

Pro-abortion candidates in the Old Dominion state were able to flip enough positions to gain a majority in both houses of the General Assembly – so Olivia Turner of The Virginia Society for Human Life is concerned now that the state will soon become open wide for abortion.

“Between the total control that pro-abortion Democrats now have in the General Assembly and the pro-abortion governor in place waiting with bated breath to sign these things into law, barring miracles – and I do believe in miracles – there is little hope on the horizon that we won’t go down the same path that New York state did last year,” she laments.

She’s referring to a bill signed into law by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in January that opens up abortion until birth and allows non-physicians to perform them.

Still, Turner does see one area where Virginia Democrats might join Republicans in defeating a proposal on a life issue.

“I’m talking about the issue of doctor-assisted suicide and the idea of removal of life-sustaining treatment or medical health care rationing from the elderly and the disabled,” she explains. “Those are areas where – please, God – we do see crossover from the Democrat pro-abortion voters to the side of life.”

Turner notes that the outcome of the Virginia election is unpleasant but not a shocker since rabidly pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and Emily’s List pumped millions of dollars into races throughout the state to flip control of political offices to pro-abortion.

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