Corrupted Software Used in ALL SWING STATES — PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ, MN!

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Dominion is used in EVERY SWING STATE!

Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump — Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ, MN!

A so-called computer ‘glitch’ fix in one of Michigan’s counties has led to 6,000 votes switching from Joe Biden to President Trump.  The Head of the Republican Party has asked for an additional 47 counties be recounted after the fix since these 47 counties also use the same Dominion software.

A so-called computer glitch has been uncovered in Michigan today and it resulted in swapping 6,000 votes from Joe Biden to President Trump.

Dominion Software is used in 28 US states including ALL OF THE BATTLEGROUND STATES.

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The Dominion software “glitch” ONLY took votes from President Trump and Republicans.

Dominion is used in 30 different states.

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Recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing tech firms in North America, Dominion provides the highest level of election support services available. From initial project implementation through election set-up, ballot layout, multiple language audio, machine set-up and system testing, we deliver. We also provide testing, Election Day support, training, preventative maintenance, project management and ongoing election consulting.
Dominion Voting Systems is committed to ensuring the security of elections.
We utilize both voluntary and compulsory testing on every one of our systems as part of company and federal/state certification processes. Our Democracy Suite products have been tested and certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in accordance with federal Voluntary Voting Systems (VVSG).
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