Corey Feldman to expose names of Hollywood players who allegedly molested him

Corey Feldman is set to release a new documentary on Monday that will expose the names of Hollywood players who allegedly molested him as a teen.

“My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys” will also name the man who allegedly raped his late friend and former co-star Corey Haim, who died of pneumonia in 2010.

Feldman has been vocal in the past about the abuse he claims he experienced as a child star in Hollywood, but has never publicly named his or Haim’s alleged abusers. He spoke to “Watters’ World” host Jesse Watters on Saturday and detailed how he’s tried to get the full truth out for decades, but had been hindered each time.

“I went to the police back in 1993,” Feldman said, adding that authorities “didn’t care” and “buried” the information at the time.

In 2013, Feldman published his memoir “Coreography,” in which he claimed powerful Hollywood men had sexually abused him when he was a child star.

“When I went to print, even though I wrote down everything as it happened and with the names included in the book, the publishers, attorneys and insurance people didn’t like the fact we were being so honest and asked us to change the names,” Feldman told Watters.

In 2018, Feldman executive produced a television movie for Lifetime called “A Tale of Two Coreys,” for which he said the names also had to be changed.

Feldman has claimed two men had molested him in his teens, telling Watters one man had worked for his father at a talent management agency for child stars.

“This man came into my life, he started feeding me drugs, feeding my alcohol … he basically kept trying different mixtures on me until I passed out and he could take advantage of me,” Feldman said.

He has said the documentary will reveal all the names that affected his and Haim’s lives, and will also have other sexual abuse victims talking about their experiences.

On Saturday, he confirmed that former “Young and the Restless” actor Kristoff St. John, who died last year of heart failure at age 52, will appear in the documentary.

“This film would not be the same without his powerful presence, and I thank God we caught up with him still looking strong and healthy and giving a very solid interview, which officially and sadly marks his last on-screen appearance,” Feldman wrote on Instagram

“My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys” will be available to stream Monday on for $20.

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