Corbyn Crushed, A Telling Lesson for Democrats

Ari Lieberman,
But will the Democratic Party take heed?
British citizens went to the polls this past Thursday and handed opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn a humiliation that will permanently stain his already tarnished reputation. His Labor Party sustained a stunning rout at the hands of the conservatives and suffered its worst showing since before World War II.

True to form, Corbyn and his die-hard acolytes refused to take any responsibility for the calamity befalling their party and instead, blamed Brexit and the media for their defeat. Corbyn’s vapid explanations and denials are steeped in a combination of hubris, venality and fantasy. Britain’s citizens plainly recognized Corbyn for what he was, a vile, hard-core socialist and anti-Semite who could not be trusted to lead the nation.

As noted by Katie Hopkins at FrontPage, Corbyn ran on a platform that would have fostered an atmosphere inimical to the free market system. He called for the nationalization of utility companies. Wanted illegal aliens to have access to Britain’s already heavily burdened healthcare system and wanted to restructure the inheritance tax in a manner that would have further punished those who managed to accumulate some measure of wealth during their lifetime.

Corbyn was dogged by other issues as well that had nothing to do with his hard-core socialist agenda. In keeping with his anti-Western dogma, he was an avid supporter of the Irish Republican Army and pointedly refused to condemn IRA terrorism, even when pressed on the issue. He was also a rancid anti-Semite who considered Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends” and championed their cause. Under his leadership, antisemitism in the Labor Party was stoked and even encouraged, while Jew-haters swelled the party’s ranks. Allegations of antisemitism were largely ignored and swept under the rug. During an interview with the BBC’s Neil Andrew just two weeks prior to the election, Corbyn was given no less than six opportunities to apologize to Britain’s Jewish community and tellingly refused to do so.

The U.S. Democratic Party would be wise to heed Britain’s thorough repudiation of Corbyn. Since the ascension of Obama, the party has veered away from its centrist bent and this alarming leftward trajectory has increased markedly in the last four years. Led by the likes of AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the party’s platform has changed to the point where it’s beginning to resemble Corbynism in both manner and tone.

During the first debate, all the candidates raised their hands signifying their positive view of extending healthcare benefits to illegal aliens. Joe Biden seemed hesitant and took note of the other raised hands before raising his own. All the Democratic candidates would reverse in whole or part, Trump’s successes in thwarting illegal immigration. Some, Like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, would even abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the federal branch responsible for immigration enforcement and countering transnational crime. All the Democratic Party candidates would raise taxes, impose burdensome regulations on business, and have exhibited varying degrees of climate change militancy, with some like Sanders endorsing AOC’s catastrophic Green New Deal.

The Democrats have also made no secret of their hostility toward the fossil fuel industry and would reverse gains made by this energy sector during Trump’s tenure. In fact, the U.S. fossil fuel industry marked a major milestone in September becoming, for the first time since records began in 1973, a net exporter of crude oil and petroleum products. Kiss that achievement goodbye under any Democratic nominee.

Democrats will seek to broaden government interference in healthcare by either expanding the disastrous Obamacare system, as suggested by Biden or by going full-blown socialist and implementing the single-payer healthcare system, as suggested by Warren and Sanders. Either option means higher taxes, higher premiums, higher co-pays, less innovation in pharma, inferior treatment, and more government interference in healthcare choices.

Finally, like the British Labor Party, the Democratic Party has become infested with antisemitism. It is the party that the likes of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders call home. It is the party that could not unequivocally bring itself to condemn Omar after she spewed a malicious antisemitic trope on Twitter which made reference to Jewish wealth buying votes and dual loyalty canards. It is the party that embraces the BDS-supporting, terrorist-embracing, foulmouthed Linda Sarsour, who now acts as a surrogate for Sanders. Two weeks ago, Sarsour was recorded calling Israel “a state…built on the idea that Jews are supreme to everyone else.” Former KKK head David Duke has espoused near-identical views. Despite engaging in blatant anti-Semitic rhetoric, the Sanders camp took no remedial action against Sarsour. Worse yet, to my knowledge, not a single Democratic candidate condemned her toxic remarks.

The British Labor Party is now in tatters with its leadership pointing blame at everyone and everything – the media, Brexit – but themselves. Sadly, there is little these days distinguishing the Democratic Party from its ideological twin across the Atlantic. That fact will doom the Democratic Party to failure in 2020.

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