Are Conservative Immigration Restrictionists Racist?

Ben Shapiro, This week, The Atlantic released its newest issue, provocatively titled “How to Stop a Civil War.” Leading its collection of essays is a fascinating piece by Yoni Applebaum. In it, Applebaum posits that at the crux of America’s vitriolic politics lies demographic change: “The United States is undergoing a transition perhaps no rich

Phyllis Schlafly was the conservative movement’s Mother Superior

Arthur Herman, Before there was Rush Limbaugh, before Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan and even before Ronald Reagan, there was Phyllis Schlafly. For half a century, she stood rock solid on conservative principles. She single-handedly turning America’s rightwing into a powerful political movement, one that saved our country from disappearing completely down the social and intellectual

Conservatives Battle with Soros in Prosecutors Races

Pat Nolan, For the past decade, conservatives have been leading efforts to reform our failing criminal justice system at both the national level and in the states. Beginning in Texas in 2005, deep “red” states such as Georgia, Utah, Mississippi, and South Carolina have adopted reforms that reserve costly prison beds for people who are

Top 25 Conservative Websites

Thanks to the freedom of the Internet, never before have right wing political thinkers had so many choices when it comes to news and editorials. There are so many, it’s hard to know which are the top conservative websites worth your time, and which aren’t. To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered the largest