Conservative Facts vs Liberal Fiction

Speaking About News
Stephen Davis,
This is undeniably true, indeed. Those of us on the right tend to deal in truth, as we base our ideologies on facts.
This is what we conservatives pride ourselves on, being considerably in touch with reality and with what’s verifiably correct.
Therefore dishonesty, conjecture, and fantasy, when presented to the conservative as a matter of fact, tend to vex our spirits due to its inherent lack of substantive truth.
However, for the leftist, they tend to deal in the exact polar opposite of those of us on the right.
Their thought patterns tend to entertain flights of fancy, as they are more about the subjective than the objective.
The hard truth is an offensive concept; therefore, they take great pains to interject their unsubstantiated ideologies into the works in efforts to dilute the efficacy of such truths.
When presented with blatant in-your-face facts, liberals then are confronted with the very notion that they must now deal with the objective reality that directly contradicts their subjective reality, resulting in them become increasingly uncomfortable and disturbingly offended.

Therein lies one of the more apparent differences between right and left.

Real Talk. Period.