Connect With the 2016 Republican Candidates

Guide to the Presidential Candidates Social Media and Campaign Pages

 Want to connect to some of the 2016 Republican candidates or learn more about their ideas? Here, we will compile a list of each campaign’s affiliated websites, political action committees, and social media accounts. We will also list the number of social media supporters each candidate has on their main social accounts (and update as time goes by) to see what kind of traction each candidates gets on the increasingly important social platforms.

Note: Facebook and Twitter feeds are, often, handled by campaign staff and not necessarily the candidate at all times. Political Action committees are not controlled by the candidates and campaigns are not allowed to coordinate activities with PACs or SuperPACs. However, individuals may set-up and work with PACs prior to officially launching a presidential campaign. PACs are becoming increasingly involved and influential in the political process and are frequently being set up by candidate’s well in advance to get a head start on fundraising.


Marco Rubio – US Senator of Florida

Senator Rubio has a very active Facebook page with over 800,000 supporters that is used to promote and upload various video from campaign and television appearances. He has another 700,000+ followers on his Twitter account. His official campaign website is and the outside PAC supporting his campaign is Conservative Solutions.

Jeb Bush – Fmr. Governor of Florida

Governor Bush has 170,000 Facebook followers and another 183,000 followers on Twitter.

The main website affiliated with his not-official-as-of-May campaign is actual that of Right to Rise, a political action committee set up by Jeb’s political operation that can raise unlimited dollars but cannot coordinate with his campaign once he enters the race officially.

Ted Cruz – US Senator of Texas

Senator Cruz enjoys a healthy 1.2 Million followers on Facebook where he has a very active page to drive grassroots engagement. He has another 400,000 followers on his official presidential Twitter page. His official website is located at and the main PAC supporting his candidacy is called Keep the Promise.

Rand Paul – US Senator of Kentucky

Senator Paul leads the way in Facebook supporters with close to 2 million, not a surprise given the similar online support enjoyed by his father. His Twitter feed pulls in another 600,000 followers and his campaign website is located at and the affiliated PAC is America’s Liberty PAC.

Ben Carson – Retired Neurosurgeon and Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Ben Carson has a strong grassroots following and close to 1.3 million Facebook supporters to back it up. His twitter feed has another 300,000 followers and counting. His official website is located at and the organization expected to back his presidential bid is USA First PAC.

Bobby Jindal – Governor of Louisiana

Governor Jindal has over 230,000 Facebook supporters and another 182,000 on Twitter, placing him ahead of fellow southern-ish Governor Jeb Bush in the social media race. His official website his and the PAC supporting him is called Believe Again.


Mike Huckabee – Fmr. Governor of Arkansas

Twitter: 360,000 Followers  Facebook: Huck 1.7 million  Website: Mike Huckabee PAC: Huck PAC

Carly Fiorina – First Female CEO of a Fortune 20 Company

Twitter: 356,000 Followers  Facebook: Carly 44,000  Website: PAC: Carly For America

Rick Santorum – Fmr. US Senator of Pennsylvania and 2012 Pres. Candidate

Twitter: 229,000 Followers  Facebook: Santorum 250,000 Website:  PAC: Patriot Voices

Rick Perry – Fmr. Governor of Texas

Twitter: 284,000 Followers  Facebook: Rick Perry 1.2 Million Website: PAC: 

The information on this page will be updated as details become available and as candidates enter – or exit – the Presidential race. All information has been thoroughly checked for accuracy, but we strongly recommend verifying the validity of all organizations and website listed. Updated May 1st, 2015

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