Common Core Worksheet Teaches Students THIS About White People

 The social justice movement is not just some faraway phenomenon occurring in impoverished communities like Baltimore. It is a ubiquitous force that has infected every strata of society, including our educational system.

Case in point: Florida father Tim Marden’s son recently received a social-justice-esque “cause and effect” worksheet from Newberry Elementary that made the absurd insinuation that only schools in predominantly white neighborhoods receive quality resources.

The worksheet basically told the story of a school boy named Jack whose mother grew concerned when she examined his textbook and found it to be “worn and missing a dozen pages.”


 When the fictional mother approached the school principal about it, he said that “only schools in white districts got new texts” — and that “schools in African American areas got old, damaged books.”


 The story ended with the mother filing a legal suit “claiming unequal and unfair treatment” and the school board agreeing to “revise the system for providing materials to schools in the district.” Common Core-Related Worksheet Teaches That Only White Schools Get New Textbooks.

According to Alachua County Public Schools spokeswoman Jackie Johnson, this exercise came from Florida’s Common Core Standards.  Furthermore, she told reporters from The Blaze that the point of the exercise was for students to “understand that the right of equal opportunity is or was protected by the Civil Rights Act.”

However, father Tim Marden pointed out that the story lacked “concrete, fact-based information.” He also said that it’s great for schools to teach kids about racism, but that they should do so in a clear way.

Exactly right. This fictional tale appeared designed to brainwash naive schoolchildren into believing a narrative about white neighborhoods getting better-quality resources than African American neighborhoods.

The point is that while educating children about the Civil Rights Act is important, it should be accomplished via the exploration of genuine historical events, not the making up of phony stories about racism and discrimination.

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