CNN Proves “Facts Don’t Matter” While Accusing FOX News of Anti-Factness

Daniel Greenfield,
And yes, this comes from Brian Stelter, still in the running as CNN’s biggest embarrassment.

CNN’s headline, “Fox News departure: Catherine Herridge joins CBS News, saying ‘facts matter'” strongly suggests that Catherine left FOX News while blasting it for dishonesty.

Stelter’s own article demonstrates that’s a blatant misrepresentation.

In a statement released through Fox, Herridge thanked Fox patriarch Rupert Murdoch “for the opportunity to cover the most impactful stories of the last 23 years, most recently the Special Counsel report and impeachment inquiry. I have received great personal satisfaction from mentoring the next generation of reporters and producers and sharing my journalistic values — that facts matter and enterprise reporting will always win the day.”

In a statement released through CBS, Herridge also invoked the importance of facts, but in a way that could be interpreted as a criticism of Fox: “CBS News has always placed a premium on enterprise journalism and powerful investigations,” she said. “I feel privileged to join a team where facts and storytelling will always matter.”

Catherine Herridge is clearly making “facts matter” her brand. She used the exact same phrasing to define her relationship with FOX News and CBS News.

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It can’t be interpreted as a criticism of FOX News because Stelter just quoted her as saying that “facts matter” in her time at FOX News.

A whole bunch of unfounded speculation then follows the reaching.

Whether or not “facts matter” at FOX or CBS, Stelter demonstrates again that they don’t matter at CNN.

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