ORCHESTRATED EVENT: CNN is Responsible for the Capital Riot!

CNN first LIED and blamed Trump and his supporters for the Jan 6 Capitol riot, and now they’re CAUGHT as Antifa/BLM agitator John Sullivan actually charged for his participation in the Jan. 6 riots, AND was paid $35,000 apiece from CNN and NBC for his footage inside the Capitol.

On average, one would earn around $2-5K max, but Sullivan was paid $35K with a contract in place, which shows that this was a pre-planned CNN ORCHESTRATED EVENT! That means CNN is guilty of everything they accused Trump and Trump supporters of.

Now CNN are exposing Andrew Cuomo, as an assemblyman has alleged that Cuomo threatened him over the nursing home scandal. Is CNN finally learning their lesson and reporting the truth? 



John Sullivan maintains that he is a journalist for his website Insurgence USA.
Sullivan helped one of the rioters scale a wall leading up to an entrance of the Capitol, an affidavit alleges.

He then entered the Capitol through a window that had been smashed by a rioter.

As he recorded footage inside the building, Sullivan allegedly said, “we gotta get this s—t burned.”

“It’s our house, motherf—kers. We are getting this s–t,” he added.

Still recording, Sullivan moved with the crowd to outside the Speaker’s Lobby, where rioters faced off with police officers who were securing a doorway.

He then captured an officer fatally shoot rioter Ashli Babbitt as she attempted to climb through a broken window that was being guarded by the officers — footage he sold to several news networks.

“On January 6th, CNN was contacted by a reputable agent regarding an eye-witness video from the Capitol Hill riots. The company entered into a one-week agreement for use of 44-seconds of key content, which was attributed to the witness on air. When his role in the event was later called into question, the company informed staff to cease all use of the video,” a CNN spokesperson said.

Sullivan was arrested soon after the riot and indicted by a grand jury last week on six charges, including obstruction of an official proceeding, civil disorder and disorderly conduct.

In a court hearing Tuesday, a magistrate judge in Washington blocked prosecutors’ request that Sullivan be barred from his social media accounts while he awaits trial for the riot, according to Politico.

The judge, however, did order Sullivan to cease work for Insurgence USA, and said he could not use social media to incite riots or violence.

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