CIRSTEN W Influencer and Patriot – (vids)

Bluewater,  I didn’t know she had a falling out with Charlie Ward but she had some bad things to say about him in this video.

Charlie Ward is one that takes info from others and repackages it for a fee. For that reason, I don’t pay much attention.

I hate to see disruption in the Truth Movement but since they killed Cirsten, I am posting this video for her to have her say even if I don’t agree with some of it or some of the content in the “description” below the video, but I do agree she died alone. Where was everybody?



“Here are the facts decide when you connect the Dots…
I am not your ordinary person and I do have good connections above humans..those who know me for years and told them about their life..Know.

God never gave me charm or diplomacy..but I tell it like it is.. I do not beat around the bush. I am blunt. I am not a good liar..what you see is what you get…like it or not..TELL ME THE BITTER TRUTH rather than sweet on BITCH ute TRENDING.
In september of 2020 I joined CistnW ink’d social. She never talked to me and i never said a bad word about her but made it known about the jesus loves club. Everyone on that platform became famous and made plenty of money. Cirstn W was very intelligent and very blunt. She had a good heart and meant well. Her nazi boyfriend ran and set up the site, my guess is charlie ward helped with the money. Everyday you had all the mousketeers a group that never shuts up..Mel K,Charlie ward,Charlie freak,Gene decode,rosanne barr and thousands worshiping them.
All these people USED her and she died all alone. Charlie Ward was very friendly and good buddies with her and stole many of her followers to start his little platform for MONEY..$14.00 to get the inside secrets..the rest you know a mult millionaire with over 30 million beLIEving he is god and promoted the FAKE KING to the fake messiah negative48 a complete wacko.
Gene decode also became very popular..he knows about DUMBS but there are problems with his health protocols but no worries millions are making him money and he will have a video for Cirstn W were he will talk for hours..who talks for 3,4,5 hours and the MONEY will be coming in..were was he with his connections for Cirstn W in her last days
Mel k another that made it thanks to Cirstn w and now is the side kick of charlie ward and I am sure this abbott and costello talked about her behind her back.
Scott Mckay then also became famous after charlie ward and mel k left her.
btw without saying it..all these talkers have one thing in common Charlie ward, Phil G,gene decode, _____ ____ and one more which tells much about them…OH THE PLOT THICKENS
This video was pulled when it when over 10,000 views by THE BITCH BOYS cause jesus loves…on BITCH u te Trending to make room for the BITCH u te preachers with their grandiose delusions the sheeple drink…
just like Building 7 on 911

I followed Cirsten she was a resource,


Cirsten W died alone and helpless while all the people that used her to became famous…will now make money on her..the only morons that downvote this video are the those who beLIEve charlie ward is god ..making millions and I am sure he does not know his Burger king and Mcdonald restaurants sell human meat..cause jesus loves you.”

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