Chinese-American Socialite Who Rubbed Elbows with Hillary Clinton “Jumps” to Her Death

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Chinese-American socialite Luo Lili, 34, jumped to her death from her penthouse in Hong Kong on January 6th.

The police initially kept Luo Lili’s identity under wraps due to an ongoing investigation.

Luo Lili jumped naked from her Hong Kong penthouse holding her 5-month old baby. Both died immediately after the fall.

Authorities investigating the death are probing whether Luo Lili may have suffered post-partum depression.

According to police, “The woman and the baby girl were certified dead at the scene. Initial investigation revealed that they fell from a unit. No suicide note was found.”

Luo Lili, the only daughter of a real estate tycoon in China, rubbed elbows with Hillary Clinton and other Democrat elites.

The horrific incident involving 34-year-old Lili Luo and her daughter, Aier, happened on Jan. 6 in Yau Ma Tei, local media reported. The mother and her baby were pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy will determine the cause of death, according to police, who did not publicly identify the woman and her baby.

Hillary Clinton and THE CLINTON DEAD POOL

Authorities are probing whether the woman, who is reportedly the only daughter of real estate tycoon Lin Luo, the chairman of China’s Jinlin Real Estate company, had suffered from post-partum depression, local reports said.

“The woman and the baby girl were certified dead at scene. Initial investigation revealed that they fell from a unit,” police said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail, which reported that the woman was found naked after plunging from her penthouse, citing other reports.

Local news outlets HK01 and Ming Pao have identified the victims as Lili Luo and her daughter.

An Instagram account purportedly belonging to Lili Luo shows off photos of her baby and the woman’s seemingly lavish lifestyle.

“It is Aier’s 100th day for being in our World. She is God’s way to give me perspective on life. Thank you for showing up in my life my beloved daughter. #100thday #mamahood #love #grateful,” read the caption on a Nov. 7 post.

The caption on a Sept. 27 post of a photo of the woman and her baby reads: “My new definition of #unconditionallove is… no matter how much you think/feel that you don’t need/want me, I can still be around and smile at you with a pumping

#inspiration #newlymama #mamahood #mamalovesyou.”

The woman referred to herself as a “single mom” in another post.

In a July 15, 2017, post, the woman is pictured meeting with former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton.

A 2015 post shows the woman photographed with British pop singer Rita Ora.

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