China’s Communist Party is at a Fatal Stage, Is a Fall Coming?

Communist China — which recently celebrated its 70th birthday — is one of the longest running single-party regimes in modern history.

But one-party governments have rarely survived longer than 70 years: the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ruled for 74 years before the bloc collapsed in 1991, and Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party retained power for 71 years until its defeat in the 2000 elections.

China’s only contemporary competition is North Korea, which has been ruled by the Kim family dynasty for 71 years, since its founding in 1948.

Analysts say while there’s no time limit on authoritarian governments, the CCP’s one-party rule may not be sustainable in the long run despite its past resilience and distinctiveness from other regimes.

But to look at when and how China could eventually undergo political reform, it’s important to first understand how the CCP has kept its grip on power for so long.

Rory Truex, assistant professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University, told the ABC the CCP was unique in terms of how it has mitigated the two major threats to authoritarian regimes — coups and revolutions.

To prevent the former, Mr Truex said the party had a system to ensure the transfer of power from one leader to the next happened “relatively peacefully”.

Following Chairman Mao’s death in 1976, the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping wrote presidential term limits into China’s constitution, recognising the dangers of one-man rule and the cult of personality.

However, a controversial constitutional amendment passed in March 2018 removed the 10-year limit, spread over two five-year terms, so that President Xi Jinping could rule indefinitely.

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