China Publicly Issues Instructions For the “Incoming” Biden Administration

The Global Times, which is a Chinese Communist Party-run paper, has announced that Joe Biden has won the election and they have instructions for him to follow.

Facing a voracious round of assault from the coronavirus and an economy in doldrums because of the health crisis, the incoming US administration of Joe Biden is hoped to chart a new course of policy interventions – categorically different from the inertia displayed by Donald Trump’s team.

Seeking China’s material help and rich experiences to contain the infectious disease and rescue a faltering American economy is equally important for the new US government.

…As to the policies of his new administration, the world pins high hopes on him tossing out the old-fashioned and selfish “America First” doctrine, restoring multilateralism and cooperation with the whole world – particularly stopping the reckless and brutal ideological and economic fight between US and China, which many have likened to a new “cold war”.

…Economic confrontations with China chosen by Trump’s team failed to do the US, or any country in this world, any good. The buying power of Chinese businesses and Chinese households should never be diminished or looked down upon. Australia and Canada, the two hardcore allies of the US who are very unfriendly toward China, have received a bitter lesson from Beijing. Don’t trample on Chinese people’s bottom lines, otherwise they will bite back.

There’s a reason other nations that don’t like America or that want to take advantage of us always get excited if a Democrat gets into office. Liberals always seem to take that as a compliment, but anyone with half a brain can see that they think Democrats are easy marks. Does anyone think China wants us to get rid of “America First” because it’s good for Americans? Do they want to stop Trump negotiations for better trade deals because they think it’s in OUR INTERESTS? Of course, not.

China wants to see America weakened and unable to lead, unable to fight and unable to compete. That’s why they’re excited to potentially see Joe Biden in charge instead of Donald Trump. A senile old liberal who thinks China is our pal would be a big improvement over a ferocious businessman who looks at China as a hostile competitor that we have to beat for the good of the American people.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know

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