China Has More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Rest of Developed World Combined

John HawkinsA report published by the Rhodium Group, an energy consulting firm, concluded that China’s greenhouse emissions had surpassed those of the rest of the developed world combined.

Per the report:

China alone contributed over 27% of total global emissions, far exceeding the US—the second highest emitter—which contributed 11% of the global total. For the first time, India edged out the EU-27 for third place, coming in at 6.6% of global emissions.

In 2019, China’s emissions not only eclipsed that of the US—the world’s second-largest emitter at 11% of the global total—but also, for the first time, surpassed the emissions of all developed countries combined (Figure 2). When added together, GHG emissions from all members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as all 27 EU member states, reached 14,057 MMt CO2e in 2019, about 36 MMt CO2e short of China’s total.

In other words, if you look at the top 4 sources of global greenhouse emissions, they are China (27%), the United States (11%), India (6.6%), and the EU (6.4%). That is very significant because it shows you how ridiculous and detached from reality the global warming fanatics on the Left have become. China is pumping out more greenhouse gasses than the US and EU COMBINED. So, we can get rid of hamburgers, air travel, and cars. We can spend trillions. We can force everyone to keep their thermostats at 80 in the summer and 50 in the winter and know what? It won’t make a significant difference in the amount of greenhouse gasses that mankind is pumping out because we’re only responsible for a fraction of the total.

It will also prove impossible to change China and India’s behavior on this front. Combined, China and India have nearly 2.8 billion people and many of them are living in grinding poverty. Know what they need to get out of that grinding poverty? Cheap power. It doesn’t matter what China and India may say about global warming at international conferences. They don’t care about greenhouse emissions that may or not have some impact on the planet in 100 years when they have people living in huts with dirt floors today. Any “Green New Deal” or “International Climate Agreement” is going to rely on nations like India and China dramatically cutting their emissions and the simple reality is that’s unlikely to happen for a very long time, if ever.

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