Child Rapists Have a Right to a Lawyer, Not Republicans Challenging Voter Fraud

Daniel Greenfield, Liberals are an endangered species. Illiberal leftists on the other hand command the infrastructure of the media.

And that’s why the Washington Post, a paper owned by the richest man in America whose employees are forced to urinate in bottles in Amazon warehouses, would like you to know that child rapists have a right to a lawyer, but not Republican elected officials or voters fighting election fraud.

“You don’t have a ‘right’ to a lawyer when you’re trying to steal an election,” the op-ed shrieks. And the subheader is even better., “Lawyers owe a duty not only to their client but to their country.”

Oddly this duty didn’t come up when lawyers from prestigious biglaw firms clamored to do pro bono work for Al Qaeda terrorists after September 11.

The writer of the op-ed, a lawyer, insists that lawyers should only take cases that empower the community and the “community’s enduring commitment to fairness.”

This is not a legal doctrine. It’s not a legal rationale. It’s a Marxist argument that litigants whose cases stand for social justice are entitled to lawyers, and those whom the advocates for social justice, presumably like him, deem not to be standing for social justice should have their cases suppressed.

Child rapists have the right to a lawyer. But not conservatives whose cause violates the imagined construct of the “community”.

“It’s not his lawyers’ job to open up the doors of the courtroom to him; they owe a duty not only to their client, but to the country. It’s their job to keep those doors shut,” he concludes.

Of course this comes after a sustained harassment campaign targeting lawyers representing Republicans and President Trump in challenging election fraud cases in battleground states. The results of the harassment, which included death threats, left the legal deck much thinner than it should be.

In the past, the liberal view was that everyone was entitled to a legal defense. Now the view is that Republicans must be prevented from defending themselves.

The ethics complaints targeting conservative lawyers will probably go nowhere, for now, but in a time when a variety of professionals are being threatened with organizational discipline for political dissent, this will be one of the bigger waves in the elimination of freedom in America.