Central Banks Deep State Agent Arrested

Central-Banks Deep-State agent arrested in Moscow! There are around 100.000 such agents coming from Germany, France, USA… in Russia and working on all kind of insurrections in the name of Human Rights as also the Eugenics-Mass-Killing of Bill Gates is – from their point of few!

The real reason why there are there is of course the fact that Russia refuses to implement a Central-Bank that belongs to the eight dark families! Hopefully other states will also do so and put all of the eight-dark-families agents, including western mainstream media and the big tech, straight away into the jail!

STARRY-EYED IN ITALY: Markets love the idea of former European Central Bank President Mario Draghi as the leader of a new technocratic Italian government, after talks between the previous coalition partners failed. Draghi is credited with saving the euro currency, but it’s not clear what his premiership would solve long-term for Italy.

Instability may yet reign: Italy’s biggest party in parliament — the populist 5Stars — doesn’t want Draghi, while the far-right (which together commands over 40 percent in polls) wants a fresh election. Cecilia Emma Sottilotta, a professor at College of Europe and the American University in Rome, makes the point that Italy’s political class has once again delivered a policy crisis, engineered a political one to patch it up, and then hauled in an outsider to bury the bodies.

MYANMAR DOWN-LOW FROM UN SECURITY COUNCIL: Well, that was a fun discussion! The debate on Myanmar went over time and ended without agreement Tuesday. But the hopeful note is that no Security Council member attempted to block the draft statement proposed by the U.K., and obtained by Global Translations.

China, Russia and Vietnam did however ask for more time to consider the text — so you can assume that we’re headed for a watered-down version, if they reach agreement at all. Much as International Crisis Group’s Richard Gowan predicted: it will take more time. “There’s always hope,” said the ambassador of one Security Council member, “Some countries are claiming they still don’t have instructions (from their national capitals), but work is continuing,” they added.

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