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Conservative Actor Jon Voight Warns Of Biden Regime: โ€˜We Are in Great Danger’

Legendary conservative actor Jon Voight delivered a grim warning to Americans on what is to come if Joe Biden is successfully installed into the White House despite massive fraud and voting irregularities.

The Academy Award winner whose career has spanned six decades has become a hated figure in far-left Hollywood for his support of President Trump as well as his staunch Christian conservative values and like fellow legend Clint Eastwood, he doesn’t give a damn what the degenerates think of him.

Voight then turned his fire on despotic California Governor Gavin Newsom:

โ€œOur state California is being ruled by a leftist mob โ€” himself, Gov. Newsom is taking away our freedom, your freedom. Heโ€™s a disgrace to mankind โ€” he and his relative Nancy Pelosi, who has tried to bring President Trump down,โ€

โ€œGov. Newsom has destroyed many lives of people who depended on their businesses and now he want to shut down again. He is a lie like all the left that are trying to destroy the USA.โ€

โ€œI ask all to fight this battle now. To get them all out. Iโ€™ve been attacked by my fellow peers, saying I am preaching violence. When the truth is they all are. The left are burning and destroing our cities. We are willing to fight for freedom. Not freedom to burn down our flag, but to raise her up, with the glory of this land of the free. But the left are trying to stop these truths.

โ€œLet us bring justice to the Supreme Court. Let them see how corrupt the left is with their fraudulent votes. Let the truth show itself, that President Trump is the only man that can save this nation. Let us fight this evil now and know that Godโ€™s truths will expose them all. Let me ask all to pray in the name of Jesus, Moses, and all saints for their hands of safety to be on us now. The way in which weโ€™re being targeted will be hard to fix. But with all your love and prayers and truths, we can win this battle against this evil force that has taken over this country.โ€

โ€œWe must get Gov. Newsom out. He is destroying the peopleโ€™s freedom. We must remember who we are. We are a nation that fought the Civil War and we won that battle. Letโ€™s not give up. God bless.โ€

In a previous video, Voight ripped Democrats who he said are “destroying this country with evil propaganda and ignorance” and that anti-Trump celebs are “polluted with disgrace and have no idea what truly to believe in.”

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Voightโ€™s career has spanned six decades during which he has appeared in such iconic classics as Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy, Heat, Runaway Train, Enemy Of The State, and Coming Home for which he won the Best Actor Oscar for his stunning portrayal of a paraplegic Vietnam vet and deserved extra credit for having to work alongside “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, an insufferable America hater who canoodled with the enemy during the war.

He was honored by President Trump last year at the White House with the National Medal Of Arts award for his excellence.