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Big Government Is an Anchor on America’s Economy, Undermining Investment and Wage Growth

Daniel J. Mitchell,  There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. Unfortunately, politicians in Washington don’t follow that advice. Let me explain. All economic theories – even Marxism and socialism – agree that capital formation is a necessary condition for long-run growth and higher wages. The Marxists and the socialists

Elizabeth Warren Joins California Democrats in Opposing Trade Deal

The annual convention of the largest state party reveals rifts in the Democratic base. For a few hours on Saturday morning, a convention center near Disneyland became the hub of opposition to President Barack Obama’s authority to negotiate an Asia-Pacific trade deal. Outside California’s Anaheim Convention Center, union members chanted slogans against the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership and

Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

Mac Slavo |  It can be difficult to understand the repercussions that would follow a collapse of the global economy, stocks and debt markets. While we know a serious financial event is coming, determining how it will impact our lives and preparing an appropriate strategic plan to mitigate the fallout can be a confusing and stressful undertaking. The

Dismal Retail Sales Numbers Suggest Recession Likely Underway

Mike Shedlock  Overall +0.0%, YoY +0.9%, Department Stores -2.2%.  Economists were surprised by the dismal retail sales report this morning. That’s not surprising because economists are nearly always surprised. The Bloomberg Consensus retail sales estimate was a rise of 0.2%, but sales came in at 0.0% and the details were ugly, emphasis mine. Consumer confidence

Fight For Families, Not The Elites

Mike Huckabee,  If you had $10 million in the stock market six years ago, you’d have over $40 million today. The NASDAQ is up 275 percent, and the S&P 500 is up 210 percent. Wall Street is booming! The Washington bubble is more like a Kevlar, economic shield. Six of the 10 richest counties in

Obama and the Democrats are Fighting, Hillary’s Polls are Falling, The Economy’s Weaker, The Country’s a Mess, Let’s Vote!

Donald Lambro, WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s presidency, and the Democrats’ chances of holding the White House in 2016, are fading faster than Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. The long-suffering, underperforming Obama economy still shows signs of weakness. The majority of his party is deserting him in droves in Congress on his trade deal, and threatening to filibuster