Candace Owens calls AOC a Spoiled Rotten Brat

Ocasio-Cortez’s previously said she had brought her working-class ethic to Congress.

Conservative activist Candace Owens on Saturday called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., a “spoiled rotten brat” for her remarks about Republicans supposedly not knowing the meaning of hard work.

The self-proclaimed radical on Thursday tweeted that Republicans – who “like to make fun of” her for having been a waitress – couldn’t make it through a double shift without crying.

“Republicans like to make fun of the fact that I used to be a waitress, but we all know if they ever had to do a double they’d be the ones found crying in the walk-in fridge halfway through their first shift bc someone yelled at them for bringing seltzer when they wanted sparkling,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

Owens said the congresswoman’s idea of hard work was not only laughable but revealed her coastal elitism.

“I used to be a waitress and I worked doubles,” Owens tweeted back. “I am laughing out loud at how much of a coastal elitist you have to be to view that as the definition of a hard day at work. Please get on a plane and see the rest of the world (or country) you spoiled rotten brat.”

She added: “And then he sent his French fries back THREE times! Republicans could NEVER handle that.”

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